American artist Malcolm Liepke, also known under the pseudonym Skip, can fully be called original and self-sufficient. About his paintings do not want to cry out loud – such works usually give a look through in the gadget in silence, far from the bustle, late at night, in the “same” atmosphere and whisper: “Just look.” And at this very moment art, which should be highly spiritual and alien, becomes close and so clinging to the soul that an inexpressible sense of catharsis is pouring inside.

That is why the paintings that Malcolm Lipke writes do not need to be loud and extra PR. They already adorn themselves on the covers of Time, Newsweek, Forbes, Fortune. Their subjects revolve around intimacy. The characters of these paintings are caught in moments of anguish, passion, harmony, unity with oneself or rapprochement with other people. This is almost a shame – so much a sense of intrusion into someone else’s private life. Such frankness and honesty of the author can shock and confuse.