Patrick Kramer’s Shocking Hyperrealistic Painting


Without a doubt, to become a good artist, you need talent and a desire for excellence. Sharpness and attention to detail make the paintings of some of the masters of the brush simply phenomenal. Among these talented artists belongs and Patrick Kramer. His “photorealistic paintings” surprise and fascinate. Seeing them, you first will not believe that these are not photographs. Check it out by yourself!

“Optimist”. To the question: “Why draw, if you can make a photo?”, The artist Patrick Kramer replied that his paintings have a soul that is missing from most of the pictures.
“Perseverance / Futility”. The pictures convey the image, but they do not have that depth and soul that is inherent in works made with their own hands – so the artist thinks.
“Measuring value.” For the author of these beautiful paintings, it is her depth and soul that are of paramount importance.


“Anna”. Creating paintings takes a lot of time, concentration, patience and above all artistic feeling.
“The last leaf, the first snow.” Only paintings can convey the depth of the artist’s feelings to the audience.
“Three glasses.” Creating his paintings, the artist hopes that we will see these slight differences between photography and paintings. It’s like seeing the difference between something temporary and eternal, ubiquitous and unique, nameless and personal.
“Pink flower”.
“Do not swim”