Olivia Wilde to stage a Marvel Comics movie for Sony

Olivia Wilde

Sony Pictures continues to expand its own Marvel Cinematic Universe. The studio offered Olivia Wilde to make a film about one of the heroines of Marvel comics. Presumably, this is Spider-Woman, but there is no official confirmation from Sony yet. The script is written by Katie Silberman, with whom Wilde has already collaborated while working on her directorial debut, the comedy Education.

Spider-Woman, invented by Stan Lee, appeared in the Marvel Comic Universe in 1977. Several heroines have appeared in this image over four decades, from the first Spider-Woman Jessica Drew to the alien (Skrull Queen) Veranke, posing as Jessica. In addition, in the Earth-65 universe, the alternate version of Spider-Woman was Gwen Stacy – unlike the original Spider-Man comic, in this world, the radioactive spider bit Gwen, not Peter Parker.

The studio commissioned Wilde to come up with a new image of the heroine and a new version of her superpower.

10 interesting facts about Marvel

  1. Michael Jackson could become Spider-Man. In the early 90s, Michael Jackson tried to acquire Marvel Comics, possibly in order to obtain the rights to the Spider-Man character, produce a film with his participation, and star in it.
  2. Star Wars creator George Lucas was a great fan of Marvel comics. The portrayal of Darth Vader was inspired by Doctor Doom.
  3. After the release of the Tale of the Zombie comic in 1973, Marvel made the word “zombie” a trademark and was granted exclusive rights to use it in comics.
  4. The black Spider-Man costume was invented by Marvel comics reader Randy Schueller. Then the chief editor of Marvel liked the idea, and the author of the idea was given a check for $ 220.
  5. Mario Puzo, the author of the novel The Godfather, once tried to write a script for a comic book, but in the end, it seemed too difficult for him.
  6. The first superhero invented by Marvel was the Human Torch. It was an android that could control fire. A comic strip about him was first published in 1939 and sold 800 thousand copies.
  7. Stan Lee originally planned to make the Hulk’s skin gray. But due to a typographical error in the first issue of the comic where this character appears, it was printed in green. Stan Lee approved this option.Olivia Wilde to stage a Marvel Comics movie for Sony
  8. Spider-Man is hyphenated because that is how Stan Lee wanted the spelling of this superhero’s name to be different from Superman.
  9. In 1994, the US government raised the import duty on toys that depict a person. Marvel action figures were produced in China and then imported into the United States. And in order not to pay an additional fee, the company has proven that the X-Men are not humans, but mutants.
  10. Marvel released their comic adaptation of Star Wars in March 1977, two months before the movie of the same name premiered. However, the cover said the comic came out in July.Olivia Wilde to stage a Marvel Comics movie for Sony


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