Simply Three’s stunning covers


The song Wake Me Up of the Swedish musician Avicii, that became a hit on the summer of 2013, in the string performance of the band Simply Three played with new colors. Unexpectedly, even for the band members themselves, this composition scored a record number of views on their youtube channel – more than 20 million!

Without superfluous words – enjoy.

It should be noted that this repertoire is not peculiar to the group Simply Three. Much more often they pay attention to much more chamber lamp compositions, related to rock genres and alternative. The dance and club theme interests them already in the second turn.

Simply Three was formed in 2010. Initially, Nick Villalobos, Zack Clark, and Olivia Lemmelin joined in, but later the girl took the last place, whose name could not be clarified, and then Glen McDaniel. In this final composition, the team has existed for three years already. The uniqueness of the band lies in the fact that they replay the famous musical works using classical stringed instruments – violin, cello and double bass. The first major breakthrough and a great success was the video recorded on the cover of the song of Rolling in the Deep singer Adele, laid out in the network in early 2013. It has collected 15 million views among youtube users.

To date, this clip is included in the top of the best works of Simply Three, or rather – takes second place after the aforementioned Wake Me Up – Avicii. It is noteworthy that this is also the second of all the tracks laid out on the channel.

Simply Three is one of the most successful cover projects. The trio is actively touring – mostly in America, but sometimes it goes abroad, where the army of fans greets them with warmth. The group has already recorded 41 songs, they can be downloaded or listened to in public, for example, on the official site of Simply Three. There are 32 videos on the channel, each of which has scored from one hundred thousand to several million views and countless comments. Basically, these are full-fledged clips, performed at a high professional level.


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