The Grand Palais invites you to stroll through Pompeii

Reconstruction of a street overlooking the volcano

An immersive exhibition presents archaeological treasures and new discoveries.

A large immersive project, prepared in collaboration with the Archaeological Park of Pompeii (under the supervision of its director Massimo Osanna), is dedicated to the famous city buried overnight under volcanic ash in 79 AD. Exciting 3D special effects allow the viewer to stroll through its streets, hear people’s voices, music, and the rumble of carts. And then it gives you the opportunity to get into the epicenter of the tragedy, where red-hot lava covers everything around. All these special effects using the latest technology are the work of the French company Gedeon Programs. There is also a section devoted to the history of excavations and conservation of the ancient city. The excavation began in the 18th century. And they are continuing to this day. After the famous house of Gladiators collapsed there in 2010, the European Union began to sponsor this project. You can admire life-size frescoes from Pompeian villas. You will be the first to see recent finds: a mosaic from the nymphaeum of Ariadne and Dionysus, ceramic and glass utensils, a magnificent woman’s portrait in excellent preservation, and much more.

The Grand Palais invites you to stroll through Pompeii
Fresco with a Nereid on a horse. Pompeii. 1st century AD

The long hall has been transformed into a semblance of a Pompeian street extending into perspective, something like the Pompeian Via del Vesuvio. On both sides, there are the walls of houses in a video projection. Advanced technologies include laser mapping, drone photography, thermography, infrared imaging, and photogrammetry to provide extremely accurate 3D reconstructions. The digital experience is accompanied by city sounds and original music designed to awaken the senses, and immerses visitors in the heart of Pompeii, giving them the impression of participating in the city’s hectic life, its fateful destiny, and glorious rediscovery.

The Pompeii exhibition was originally supposed to open in March but has been postponed due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Now Pompeii is open at the Grand Palais until September 27th.


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