Artist Cindy Shaoul Inspires Young Hearts in Iconic Scenes


Cindy Shaoul’s blend of impressionistic and abstract style is inspired by the whimsey and purity of the feminine form. Her most popular series includes “Brides,” “Dripping Dots,” and “Hearts,” as well as her iconic “Plein-Air” street scenes of quintessential New York locations. Shaoul’s work can be found in private and corporate collections worldwide. Since her first group show at Parsons School of Design in 2009, she has been showcased
internationally – from Italy to South Korea – and shown at various art fairs nationwide, including Miami, Palm Beach, Dallas, and New York. Shaoul has had numerous solo exhibitions and become a favorite of celebrities such as Emma Roberts, Lily Collins, Ashley Park, Catherine Deneuve, and John Malkovich. She is currently represented by Lilac Gallery, Peanut Gallery, and Lerebours Antiques.

Cindy Shaoul

Shaoul studied at the Art Students League where she learned techniques from the great masters of impressionism from mentors Joseph Peller, Gregg Kreutz, and Tom Torak. When she met renowned street artist LA II (Angel Oritz) – who previously worked with Keith Haring – her work became strongly influenced by street art and graffiti, propelling her reputation and pushing her into the city’s explosive urban art scene.
Publications (Vanity Fair, LUXE, Authority, Aspire Design & Home, among others) have written about her work. Her studio is a vibrant and exciting place that is ever-changing with art pieces, tables lined with oil paint tubes, backgrounds for hearts, and new and worked-on canvases that line the walls. In 2011 she began her journey as a singer and songwriter creating music alongside painting. She lives and works in New York.

Cindy agreed to give us a short interview and we are happy to share it with our readers.

· Good day dear Cindy. Let`s talk about your lifestyle.

Where are you from and how does that affect your work?

I am from New York, born and raised. Inspiration is literally everywhere you turn, but I never started using the streets of Manhattan as my muse until I started plein air painting. It has only been since 2009 that I realized that the city can be my canvas, and that so many quintessential spots that I love like Alice's Tea Cup, having brunch at Tartine or Extra Virgin in the West Village could literally become my next subject.

· Who are your biggest artistic influences?

I would say French impressionists from the 20th Century, like Monet, Renoir, Mary Cassatt and Edward Potthast to name a few.

· Tell me about your favorite medium.

I love oil paint, it is used in some way in all of my collections. The more the better, it truly excites me and allows the paint to have the texture that I crave.

· Where do you find inspiration?

I find inspiration in everyday life, from parks, waters, beaches, Sunday brunching and Manhattan streets— I gravitate towards places where people gather and celebrate life. I want my paintings to excite the feeling of taking a step back from everyday life and work to enjoy time together.

When is your favorite time of day to create?

 In the morning. I love to begin with a fresh mind, and fresh energy.

· What motivates you to create?

I think the urge to capture feelings is a huge motivator. I am a very emotional person, and sometimes words cannot express exactly how I am feeling, so being able to pick up a brush and let the colors tell my story feels right and allows me to express those inner workings that’s going on.

How do you define success as an artist?

I feel like when you’re able to reach an audience and have your paintings be collected because of the attraction and love that someone has for it, every painting that finds a home feels like a win because you’re making someone so happy to have what you created hang on their wall and make them feel love and inspired.

Does art help you in other areas of your life?

I feel like so many things are connected with art, so it definitely branches out to all the areas of my life in some shape or form.

· How do you develop your art skills?

By practicing everyday. To make it a part of your life in every way possible. It’s like you eat breath and sleep art.

· Describe how art is important to society.

Art inspires and uplifts and I feel like it’s something that can bring people together in an effortless way.

· What is your attitude towards charity?

I love to donate paintings to a variety of charities, it makes me feel like I can give something back and help in ways I never thought I could.

· Give advice to budding artists

Imagine how you want your art to inspire others, work on your craft everyday and keep a positive attitude about it.

Thanks a lot dear Cindy. Wish you to have a great inspiration for new masterpieces.


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