Artists and Their Creative Process


An artist’s creative process is one of the most intriguing aspects of a piece of art. Each artist has a unique approach to their artistic practice. Whether it is sculpture, drawing or painting, their creative process can arise spontaneously as a result of creative inspiration or be prepared through initial sketches and sketches.

Creativity is subjective, deeply personal, and sometimes difficult to capture on a consistent basis. Many artists stimulate their creative inspiration by taking walks, visiting museums or reading!

In this post, we are taking a closer look at artist profiles. If you’ve ever wondered how an artist can start with nothing and end up with a stunning work of art, here are 5 of our favorite artists talking about their creative inspiration.


The artist uses palette knives because it adds a dimension to the painting. There is that thickness, that works in the flow of the paint, that it casts its own shadow. I make my own knives. The artist buys every knife he can find.

In one of the artist`s interviews, he said: “I’ve got so many that I’ll never use, but they all give me these ideas, these urges to try things and to experiment, and that’s all it’s really about.”


When this artist paints a mural, it’s just like he paints a canvas. It covers the entire background with color, and it’s like a Polaroid photo where you see this mass of color slowly come into focus until you paint in the final details, highlights, and shadows.

According to one of the artist`s interviews, what he is trying to create is a three-dimensional experience. “Art, like music, is a feeling, and all the great artists have that gift. That’s what I’m trying to do in my art.”


“People tell me that my style is Pop art. Some people say that it’s a Britto style. I’m just like, “I paint and that’s what I do.” I let the critics and I let the experts in the arts say whatever they want. But, at the end of the day, I just paint.”-tells the artist.


In one of the artist`s interviews, he says: “When someone sees one of my paintings, I want them to really feel the place that I’m depicting. And so my desire is that they’re going to want to travel into that painting and become part of it.”

Painting, for him, is an intuitive creative process, and so the artist lets the canvas tell him where to go, and the paint and the canvas create a piece of art that people will enjoy.


His approach to painting is to maintain spontaneity. There is life in movement, death in stagnation. And this artist approaches every painting with the idea that he wants that painting to continuously move—whether it’s your eyes around the painting or the emotions you have with the painting. The artist wants that painting to come to life.


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