Celebrate Pride Month With These 8 Stunning Artworks From the Artnet Gallery Network


As we enter the last week of Pride Month, our team took a deep dive into the Artnet Gallery Network to mark the occasion. From the thousands of artworks and artists offered, we gathered eight stellar works—either by artists in the community or those who engage with themes of modern love and LGBTQ+ identity—presented by galleries from Vienna to Miami Beach.

Featuring bastions of 20th century art like Robert Mapplethorpe and Andy Warhol, as well as contemporary practitioners such as Radek Husak and Oska Gutheil, this roundup constitutes only a small glimpse of what is available on the Artnet Gallery Network. Whether you’re looking for more works to celebrate Pride year-round, or simply searching for something new, the Artnet Gallery Network makes it easy and convenient to browse galleries from around the world.


Robert Rauschenberg
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Robert Rauschenberg, (1979). Courtesy of Bastian, London/Berlin.


Oska Gutheil
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Oska Gutheil, (2020). Courtesy of Galerie Krinzinger, Vienna.


Mariette Pathy Allen
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Mariette Pathy Allen, (1984). Courtesy of Clamp, New York.


Radek Husak
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Radek Husak, (2022). Courtesy of Grove Gallery, London.


Robert Mapplethorpe
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Robert Mapplethorpe, (1978). Courtesy of Xavier Hufkens, Brussels.


Wolfgang Tillmans
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Wolfgang Tillmans, (2001). Courtesy of Robert Fontaine, Miami Beach/Palm Beach.


Nan Goldin
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Nan Goldin, (1978). Courtesy of Craven Contemporary LLC, Kent.


Andy Warhol
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Andy Warhol, (1975). Courtesy of Van der Vorst-Art, Zeist.


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