Daniel Arsham Re-releases Warhol’s Famous Brillo Boxes

Daniel ARSHAM Eroded Brillo Boxes

A series of works Eroded Brillo Box created in collaboration with The Andy Warhol Museum, will be sold in support of the museum.

Daniel Arsham Re-releases Warhol's Famous Brillo Boxes
Daniel Arsham

The 39-year-old American Daniel Arsham is a sculptor, artist, designer, director, and architect. His works were exhibited at the New York Museum of Modern Art and The New Museum, at the Pompidou Center in Paris and other contemporary art museums.

The list of iconic collaborations of the contemporary art star Daniel Arsham has expanded to one more position. Brands like Louis Vuitton, Disney, or Dior (the list goes on) added The Andy Warhol Museum.

In collaboration with the museum, Arsham released a limited series of works inspired by one of Andy Warhol’s 1964 Brillo Boxes, one of the most iconic pop art works.

According to Arthur Danto, who was a professor of philosophy at Columbia University in the 1960s, Warhol’s Brillo boxes posed an important question: how can you determine what is more art — Van Gogh’s work or Brillo’s box? He said that Andy showed that with a simple act of perception, the difference between art and non-art could not be established.

Arsham’s box option outperforms Warhol’s idea. His boxes are reflections on how Andy Warhol’s box might look if it were found by archaeologists of the distant future. That is why cardboard boxes turn into eroded ones – damaged by time.

Arsham’s calling card is art objects that look like they were just discovered during archaeological excavations. These are the remnants of our civilization, as researchers can see them in a thousand years. The artist himself calls it the archeology of the future.

The original work of Eroded Brillo Boxes Arsham did in honor of the 25th anniversary of the Andy Warhol Museum in 2019. There are 500 serial copies. They are smaller versions of the original ones. The height of each instance is 24.5 cm, it weighs 7 kg, has a unique serial number, and is accompanied by a holographic sticker Arsham Editions, confirming the authenticity and number in circulation.

You can purchase a series of works from July 18, 2020, on the artist’s official website. And today, the artist organized a public conversation with representatives of the Warhol Museum in his Instagram account. Part of the proceeds from the sale of Brillo boxes by Daniel Arsham will go towards supporting the activities and organizing exhibitions of the Warhol Museum.


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