Painting Her Path to Tranquility: How Art Became Marcela Nowak’s Meditation


Marcela Nowak has discovered her haven of tranquility within the lively rhythm of Los Angeles. What began as a voyage into creativity and design has blossomed into a personal odyssey of self-discovery through painting. As a Polish artist, Marcela has pushed the boundaries of her roles as an art director and designer, uncovering an unexpected form of meditation that brings her serenity and solace.

In the heart of this sprawling metropolis, where energy courses ceaselessly and time moves swiftly, Marcela sought a means to quiet the inner cacophony. Traditional meditation eluded her, as her thoughts swirled incessantly. Amid this quest for peace, she found an unexpected refuge: her canvas.

Her art transcends mere brushstrokes; it’s a voyage through intricate patterns of florals, botanicals, and coral reefs. These designs form a bridge between the terrestrial and the aquatic, inviting viewers to experience a dual existence—both above the earth and beneath the waves. Beyond visual aesthetics, Marcela’s art is her sanctuary—a form of meditation enabling her to escape the urban frenzy of Los Angeles and immerse herself in a realm of colors and emotions.

Each hue she selects is deliberate, chosen to stir distinct emotions in those who encounter her work. The stroke of blue embodies tranquility, gently calming frayed nerves like a whispered secret. Swirls of red exude a symphony of joy, love, and passion, encouraging observers to plunge into the depths of human sentiment. And then there’s orange—a hue symbolizing intelligence, dedication, activity, and enthusiasm—an array of emotions awaiting exploration.

Creating each piece demands not just creativity, but patience and dedication. Each canvas consumes over a month’s effort, stretching up to an impressive 48 inches by 120 inches. These generous dimensions envelop the viewer, inviting them to step into a world where colors waltz and emotions entwine.

Amidst the swirl of colors and creative fervor, Marcela’s painting process has become a meditation in its own right. When conventional methods faltered in bestowing inner calm, the act of painting itself became her gateway to tranquility. In these moments, she detaches from the city’s clamor, immersed in a realm where each brushstroke leads her closer to serenity.

Her inspirations spring from her journeys and remarkable escapades, bearing witness to her profound connection with nature and her inner self. Through her art, Marcela aspires to offer more than visual delight; she shares a fragment of her heart—a voyage through emotions, experiences, and reflections.

As a Polish artist, her journey epitomizes boundless growth and exploration. In a world ceaselessly in motion, she unveils that art can transcend creation—it can be a font of solace, a meditation that heals and rejuvenates the soul. With every brushstroke, she beckons you to join her on this expedition, to explore emotions and find your own tranquility amidst the canvas.

To delve deeper into Marcela’s realm of vibrant hues and intricate designs, visit her website at and follow her journey on Instagram at


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