Reflecting the world: a cultural initiative by Vivienne Westwood


In 1869, “Culture and Anarchy,” Matthew Arnold defined culture as: the pursuit of our complete perfection through learning about all the issues we care about most, the best of what has been thought through and said in the world; and, through this knowledge, directing a flow of fresh and free thoughts to our worldview and habits.

Through a series of images, videos and online events, the British label Vivienne Westwood has launched #MIRRORTHEWORLD, a digital campaign that brings together artists, writers, poets, musicians, scientists and activists from around the world to create and share content to support the creative community and connect audiences with our diverse cultures. Vivienne Westwood also uses this initiative as a way to present the world with artists and institutions that the brand loves and collaborates with.

Reflecting the world: a cultural initiative by Vivienne WestwoodSelection of Juergen Teller

“The most important philosophical question ever asked: “What is a good life?” A good life is something that reflects the world. It means that you understand the world through art and culture. You understand the genius of the human race and you understand that you belong to it. Each of us is like a little shard of mirror that accurately reflects the world. Each of us is very beautiful because we understand the beauty of the world, we understand people and we try to live with dignity,” said Vivienne Westwood about #MIRRORTHEWORLD.

Reflecting the world: a cultural initiative by Vivienne Westwood@isamayaffrench

Among the first campaigners were photographer Juergen Teller, who spoke about the books he reads in isolation, and makeup artist Isamaya French, who shared an exclusive make-up training video. Next, #MirrorTheWorld has plans for an exclusive performance by actors from Shakespeare’s Globe, Project Art Lovers Unite! will provide specially selected art theses from the world’s elite cultural institutions, as well as planned tours of the history of some original Westwood clothing, DJ sets of friends of the brand and symphonic virtual concerts.


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