Billelis is a nickname given by parents in their teenage years of graffing and falling into mischief. Full name – Billy Bogatizoglu is an artist-digital artist, illustrator, and art director, who currently resides in the UK.

Spent countless hours experimenting, studying and expanding his artistic skills to create a personal style that can best be described as a painful and dark, but elegant and romantic fusion.

He continued to graffiti until he was 18 and then moved to the UK to study computer graphics and coding art. He spent his spare time self-taught in order to progress his skills in 3D sculpting, 3d art, and illustration.
After graduating he worked as a free-lance art director and digital artist and has been in the field professionally for roughly 6 years.

Billelis is his “pet project (baby)” where he creates artworks inspired by morbid subjects but making them feel premium, elegant and simply beautiful. Transcending from the digital media and bridging the gap with traditional methods alongside silk screens and hand painted elements.

In the artists own words “death is all around us but the way I see it its something to accept as part of our existence, not fear it but praise it as weird as that sounds, Creating iconic art from something that is so dismal and rinsed with sadness. It shows traversing, evolution, ability to progress and idolise”.

“Equipped with an overactive imagination, my album and an eternal artistic hunger, I strive to become an excellent source of creativity. A series of 3D illustrations inspired by traditional tattoo patterns. Tattoo culture has always been a fascinating environment to be part of. The skills and talents of the great traditional artists have always been a huge inspiration in my work.”– Billelis.

The culture of tattooing has always been an exciting environment. The ability and talent of great traditional artists have always been a huge inspiration in the work.