The Art Angle Podcast: How the Art World in Ukraine’s Capital Is Fighting Back [Re-Air]


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Five months into the conflict, the brutal, horrific war in Ukraine grinds on, with no end in sight. And while Ukrainian men and women are fighting, and dying, on the front lines to defend their homeland, art workers are continuing to do their part to aid the struggle by preserving their nation’s heritage and keeping the flame of culture alive.

Shortly after the invasion, Artnet News’s European Editor Kate Brown spoke to two such art workers based in the Kyiv—Vasyl Cherepanyn, the director of the city’s Visual Culture Research Center, and Nikita Kadan, an artist whose work is deeply imbued with his political activism—about what it’s like watching the war unfold on their doorstep, and how they are working to counter the crisis using all the means at their disposal.

As the Art Angle team is on summer break, we are proud to re-air this episode.


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