The art of giving art: 5 essential buying tips


Giving art as a gift is an option that is often overlooked. Nevertheless, your loved one will definitely feel the thought and care that you have invested in the search for his ideal work of fine art. Finding the perfect gift can seem like a lot of work. We have compiled a list of five useful tips that will help you in choosing the perfect work of art for your loved one.

1. Think about the recipient’s taste

It is highly recommended that you get an idea of the recipient’s personal preferences before you start purchasing art. Before buying works of art as a gift, it is very important to answer several of these questions in order to choose a work that is more likely to appeal to the recipient.

2. Avoid paintings, drawings, photos or sculptures that don’t move you or catch your eye

You have to fall in love with a piece of art that you are going to gift. Your recipient should share similar feelings and tastes. Ask yourself if you would like to see the photo in question above the fireplace or a certain sculpture in your living room every day.

3. Assess your financial possibilities

Giving art as a gift does not necessarily mean breaking the bank. Determining your budget will help you simplify your initial choice. Recipients usually do not associate the price with their valuation level. Do not think that art is overrated and inaccessible. On the contrary, art is becoming more and more accessible! Some works by novice artists can be very modest in price.

4. Personalize your gift

Giving art as a gift means choosing a unique, original and memorable gift. Art as gifts can be a very personal gesture that creates a strong connection with the person who receives it, and also opens up countless opportunities for personalization of the product. You can add your own personal touch to the gift.

5. Consider the recipient’s taste in interior design

This will come in handy when selecting art as a gift! It is preferable to combine the style of the recipient’s living space with the item you have chosen, while keeping their home decor harmonious.


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