The first ever exhibition of Vincent Van Gogh’s self-portraits in his entire career at The Courtauld Gallery

Self-portrait with bandaged ear and pipe, 1889

The first-ever exhibition of Vincent Van Gogh’s self-portraits in his entire career will be held at the Courtauld Gallery from February 3 to May 8, 2022.

Van Gogh’s Self-Portraits is based on the iconic Van Gogh Self-Portrait with Bandaged Ear, one of the most famous works in Courtauld’s collection, and will bring together about half of the self-portraits created by Van Gogh during his short years as an artist.

This is the first time that all of Van Gogh’s self-portraits will be on display at the exhibition. An outstanding selection of over 15 self-portraits will be assembled to trace the evolution of Van Gogh’s self-representation, from his early Self-Portrait in a dark felt hat, taken in 1886 during his formative period in Paris, to the Self-Portrait. with a palette painted in a psychiatric hospital in Saint-Rémy-de-Provence in September 1889, this is one of his last self-portraits before his death in 1890.

The exhibition will be on display at Denise Coates’ new exhibition in the Courtauld Gallery and will be the first in a new series of high-profile, temporary Morgan Stanley exhibitions in the Courtauld Gallery.

The gallery exhibition will present “Self-Portrait with Bandaged Ear”, as well as Vincent van Gogh self-portraits from major collections, such as:

  • the Van Gogh Museum and the Rijksmuseum in Amsterdam;
  • Art Institute of Chicago;
  •  Detroit Institute of the Arts;
  • National Gallery of Art, Washington, DC;
  • The Orsay Museum in Paris and the National Gallery in London.

Several works in the art show were last together in Van Gogh’s workshop and have never been reunited until now. Created from former office, conservation, and retail space, Denise Coates’ all-new exhibition galleries will enable Courtauld to expand its acclaimed international loan exhibition program.

This two-gallery complex, located on the top floor of Somerset House, will reopen when The Courtauld reopens in November 2021, as part of a major renovation project aimed at revitalizing and reopening the Gallery and creating a modern state of the art. – artistic structures that make it the home of an internationally renowned art collection.

Self-portrait with bandaged ear, 1889

Professor Deborah Swallow, Merit Rausing, director of The Courtauld, said that bringing all of Van Gogh’s self-portraits together in one exhibition is extremely exciting for The Courtauld. Denise Coates’ new exhibition galleries will provide visitors with tremendous opportunities to enjoy these works, and we are especially grateful to Denise Coates for the generous support that made their creation possible.

They also added that they would like to thank Morgan Stanley for their leadership and support of The Morgan Stanley Series, presenting Curto’s renowned temporary exhibitions from 2022, and other leading Van Gogh exhibition sponsors, including Kenneth S. Griffin, and the Ho Family Foundation. for additional support.

Denise Coates CBE said she is confident that the newly refurbished Courtauld Galleries will provide all visitors, both in-person and online, with a world-class opportunity to experience their own connection to visual arts. She also noted that she has received great satisfaction from her own acquaintance with the visual arts, and she was glad that she could support this journey for others with the help of The Courtauld Gallery.

Self-portrait with a straw hat, 1887

Van Gogh was a prolific master of self-portrait. His appearance is instantly recognizable: pronounced facial features, bright red hair, and piercing eyes. Curated by Dr. Karen Serres, curator of paintings at Courteau, Van Gogh’s Self-Portraits explore the myriad ways in which Van Gogh approached one of his most enduring subjects: as a vehicle for experimenting with new styles, a practical way to obtain an accessible model, an essential tool for psychological introspection, and a vehicle constructing oneself and presenting oneself to the outside world.

Today’s van Gogh myth is associated with both his extraordinary life and his stunning paintings. This exhibition will explore both aspects. This is an opportunity and the exhibition will never be repeated, as Self-Portrait with Bandaged Ear will be on permanent display at the Courteau Gallery when it reopens and is unlikely to be borrowed anywhere else for many years.

A fully illustrated catalog will be published for the Vincent van Gogh exhibition, containing essays by international collaborators and new research, as well as detailed notes on each of the works presented.

The Morgan Stanley series opens with three major temporary exhibitions at the Courtauld Gallery, starting with Van Gogh’s self-portraits. Further exhibitions will be announced later this year.

Frank Petitgas, global head of Morgan Stanley, said they are delighted to be partnering with The Courtauld on the Morgan Stanley series that will feature some of the Gallery’s major exhibitions from 2022. He also added that they look forward to Van Gogh’s self-portraits and the support of The Courtauld as he reopens the doors of his world-famous collection in the heart of London.

The Courtauld gallery’s transformation was supported by £ 11 million from the Lottery National Heritage Fund and a generous donation of £ 10 million from philanthropists Sir Leonard and Lady Blavatnik, as well as the Blavatnik Family Foundation.

Additional strong support was provided by:

  • the AKO Foundation;
  •  Deborah Loeb Bryce Foundation;
  •  John Brown Charitable Foundation;
  •  Denise Coates CBE;
  •  Crankstart;
  •  Garcia Family Foundation;
  •  Garfield Weston Foundation;
  •  Dr. Martin & Suzanne Haloza;
  •  The Linbury Trust,;
  • LVMH Moët Hennessy – Louis Vuitton Foundation and O Foundation.

The Courtauld Gallery is very grateful to these forward-thinking supporters, as well as to others who are making this project and related activities possible. The collection at the Courtauld Gallery belongs to the Samuel Courtauld Foundation.


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