Toronto Artist Gregory Wilde Offers Personal Opinion on AI Art Creation


Toronto Artist Gregory Wilde’s Debut of Photographic Art Garners Rave Reviews, Now Offers Opinion on AI Art

Toronto, July 24, 2023 – Gregory Wilde, a Toronto artist with over 35 years of experience as a well-traveled businessman, has recently captivated the art world with his extraordinary collection of photographic fine art. see Art News May 6, 2023.. The highly anticipated debut received an overwhelming wave of enthusiastic acclaim from art enthusiasts and critics alike.

Wilde’s artistic journey has led him to diverse corners of the globe, where he has skillfully captured mesmerizing real objects and scenes through the lens of his camera. With this latest exhibition, he brings to the forefront a new era in art, marked by the convergence of artificial intelligence (AI) and traditional artistic expression through Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs).

Although Gregory Wilde has no plans to use AI at the present time for his portfolio of art, he is offering his opinion as an artist only, advocating for embracing AI’s creative potential in the art world.

As AI art continues to advance rapidly, an array of powerful applications, including Bing Image Creator, Deep Art, Runway ML, Artbreeder, Dalle-E2, Paints Chainer, Nvidia, Google’s Deep Dream, Jasper Art, Dream by Wombo, Night Cafe, Auto Draw,, CF Spark Art, and Open Art, have emerged, infusing the art world with innovation and transformation not all of it welcomed by artists. While some artists remain cautious about this technological progression, Gregory Wilde passionately advocates for embracing AI’s creative potential.

Gregory Wilde

According to Wilde, the distinction between “fine art” and other creative works has always existed, even among celebrated masters like Picasso, Salvador Dali, Leonardo Da Vinci, Michelangelo, Monet, Renoir, and other great artists. He emphasizes that preliminary sketches found via x rays beneath many renowned paintings bear witness to the editing process that ultimately leads to the finished artwork. Similarly, Wilde highlights that AI art acts as a powerful tool that enhances and complements the artist’s vision, rather than replacing it outright.

“I see nothing wrong with the creative mind using AI, as long as the result is exceptional art,” asserts Wilde. He challenges the notion that AI-generated art is a disingenuous approach, stating that it requires a profound understanding of artistic vision to achieve outstanding results. Successful AI art demands clear and thoughtful instructions to breathe life into the artist’s vision, allowing the creator to add a unique touch and personal flair to the final artwork.

While some artists express reservations about integrating AI into the artistic process, Wilde firmly believes that it is the artist’s responsibility to effectively communicate their intentions to the AI tool. This collaboration between human creativity and technological assistance becomes a harmonious symbiosis, paving the way for groundbreaking artistic expressions that push the boundaries of traditional art.

Gregory Wilde’s debut of photographic fine art signifies a pivotal moment in contemporary artistic expression. By exploring the creative possibilities of AI while preserving his unique artistic voice, Wilde has become a trailblazer for fellow artists to explore new frontiers of artistic excellence.

For more information about Gregory Wilde and his extraordinary art, please visit his new art site that debuted last week at:…


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