Virtual and augmented reality in the art world


The digital world plays an important role in bringing people together through technology. And it`s not only about Skype but also about virtual reality art. The art world is an ever-evolving landscape that is adapting to new technologies and creative innovation.

Since 2014, there has been a strong resurgence of immersive or augmented technology (XR) from 360 videos, allowing users to look around and interact with spherical content, and virtual reality (VR), a 3D environment where people can walk and interact with space and with virtual avatars, to augmented reality (AR), where 3D content is superimposed on the user’s real environment as seen through a headset or mobile phone.

Nowadays with the advent of augmented reality art, we can discover a series of new artworks from our favorite artists in real-life size from the comfort of our living room or even visit the latest virtual exhibitions at our favorite museum, while strolling through a park.

Over the past years this has become closer to being a reality as artists, curators and auctioneers have increased their digital footprint to stay connected with their audience.

For example, Jeff Koons collaborated with Snapchat, allowing the social media platform to create instant public art installations anywhere in the world, democratizing the art exhibit experience.

“Into Space” exhibit, Paris

What future does AR/VR technology in art offer the art world?

The extended technologies` full potential promises to be unlocked when it becomes easier to more naturally interact with this spatial environment using lightweight glasses and technologies such as voice recognition and hand tracking.

Let’s see what advantages augmented reality art has got.

  • The extended technologies allow artists to curate their own virtual galleries, showcase their work, and interact directly with audiences.
  • As user-created platforms emerge, viewers are able to personalize and share their own art exhibitions. Curators are able to offer various virtual galleries.
  • New virtual spaces emerge, where users experience performance pieces, alone or with others. Volumetric capture – a 3D representation of an object – has led to more virtual recordings, digital art installations, performances, and interactions with creators.
  • Artificial intelligence helps to understand the audience’s behaviors and likes, and to create guided virtual tours led by realistic avatars enabling the audience to interact as they would in real life.
“Harry Potter:” exhibit

We offer our top 5 list of the craziest immersive exhibitions in Paris this year.

Thanks to augmented reality technology, art lovers can now enjoy immersive exhibitions.

Paris is a hyperactive cultural capital. In Paris, you can discover exhibitions that take the art of staging even further. From immersive projections to sensory adventures, interactive and illusory works, there is plenty to do here.

  • The immersive exhibition “The World of Banksy” at the Banksy Museum in Paris, dedicated to the world-famous street artist, has become a permanent fixture. The installation, which is shown every day, shows almost 100 works on an area of ​​1200 m².
  • See the Earth from space, walk on the Moon, dress up as an astronaut… The Air and Space Museum makes all our childhood dreams come true with its immersive “Into Space” exhibit. Climb aboard a rocket for an extraordinary space journey from July 5, 2022, to August 20, 2023.
  • Luminescent Atelier presents a new short program: discover Paul Klee, artist, and musician, from February 17, 2023 to January 7, 2024.
  • Enjoy a magical immersion in Paris by visiting the Musée des Arts Forain – Bercy Pavilion, a museum that immerses us in the atmosphere of a fair. A place that will appeal to both young and old!
  • The “Harry Potter:” exhibit, which opened at the Paris Exposition on April 21, has been extended until October 15, 2023, due to high attendance. Immerse yourself in a magical world with this exceptional immersive exhibition.


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