Where to Find Art in the Streets of Paris?

Jef Aérosol’s mural outside the Centre Pompidou, taken by Ferdinand Feys

Street art in Paris has never been more alive and dynamic than it is today. It’s no wonder that Paris is one of the best cities to discover new street art. We have compiled a list of the top 10 places to look in Paris.


The Rosa Parks wall in Aubervilliers, taken by Jeanne Menjoulet

Take a wander along the longest wall art mural in Paris. It has amassed artworks along its 500 meters length. Created in 2015, Rosa Parks fait le mur or the Rosa Parks crosses through the 18th and 19th districts and features artwork by Kashink, Pboy and Zapha.

A wander along Rue de Ménilmontant

A mural by Jérôme Mesnager on Rue de Ménilmontant, taken by Jeanne Menjoulet

This is one of the greatest spots to look for street art. One of the most famous murals here is one by artist Jérôme Mesnager. His iconic white silhouettes can be found all around the area.

The most famous mural depicts a group of these white silhouettes dancing in a circle. By the way, this district was home to artists such as Edith Piaf.

The Boulevard 13 Project

A mural, part of The Boulevard 13 Project, taken by Bernard Strainchamps

This wander through the 13th district of Paris is sure to dazzle street art lovers. Check out the 32 frescoes, although their size and brightness make them hard to miss!


Street art by Gregos in Montmartre, taken by Guihem Vellut

Montmartre has a deeply rooted artistic history. It’s no secret that he inspired such French artists as Henri Toulouse-Lautrec and Auguste Renoir. There is still a lot of public art in the area, tucked around the corner from popular tourist spots. Here you can follow the works of famous artists such as Gregos.


A mural by Yann Lazoo outside Stalingrad metro station, taken by Patrick Janieck

If you happen to be outside the Stalingrad metro station, it’s worth taking a short detour to see this incredible piece of urban art. Here, street artist Yann Lazoo has created this stunning artwork. The mural is enormous and features some electrifying colors that are sure to delight.

The Oberkampf Neighborhood

Street art by Mahn Kloix on Rue Oberkampf, taken by Jeanne Menjoulet

Oberkampf is known for being a hub for its artsy happenings and its urban art. This is a must-see for street art fans whilst in Paris. Here you can easily catch a glimpse of street art being brought to life!

The wall changes every month, while the artists work on previous works. Street performers come from all over the world to contribute and this is not to be missed.

The Centre Pompidou

Jef Aérosol’s mural outside the Centre Pompidou, taken by Ferdinand Feys

The Pompidou Center itself is a center of art and culture. There are numerous open-air frescoes here. One of them is the cult work of Jeff Aerosol. It depicts a man who can be mistaken for Dali, but in fact he is an artist himself. The piece of public art neighboring it is that of Shepard Fairey, also known as OBEY, which features his instantly recognizable style.


A mural along passage Irène et Frederic Joliot Curie, Vitry-sur-Seine, taken by Jeanne Menjoulet

This is home to a vibrant street art scene. Renowned street artist Christian Gemi, aka C215, opened his workshop in the neighborhood in 2007 and the suburb has since become the residence of other internationally renowned artists such as Cope2 and Bebar.


Mural by Julian Seth Malland under the gazebo in Belleville park, taken by Street-Art-Avenue

It is packed with street art, with many considering it the pioneering neighborhood for the art style. The guided tours here are often led by locals who are passionate about public art. One should explore every corner, from Dénoyez road to the Gazebo in the Belleville park, in order to discover the hidden gems in this part of the city.

The Canal Saint-Denis

A mural by UNA VIDA, under the SNCF bridge in La Villette, taken by Roswitha Guillemin

This is home to a great number of murals and public art. The Street Art Avenue project was launched here during the 2016 Euro Cup. Now one can find here beautiful artworks on incredible buildings created by local artists and collectives. The city’s tourist office offer guided tours or a mini-cruises along the canal.


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