Which Über-Privileged Art-World Power Couple Was Behind That Absurd, Now-Viral Ad for an Assistant? We Found Out


When a “high-profile art world family” posted a job ad on the New York Foundation for the Arts website looking for an executive assistant, the internet took notice—and not in a good way. The demanding position read like a parody and seemed significantly underpaid at just $65,000 to $95,000 a year given the role’s extensive responsibilities.

So who is this family seeking a candidate determined to “make life easier for the couple in every way possible,” including by managing their “dog systems,” “closet systems,” gardening, drafting emails and social media posts, picking up clothes from “high-end stores,” booking “high-end travel,” providing IT support, helping with “in-studio cats,” managing house cleaning, providing childcare, being available on nights and weekends, signing an NDA, and driving the family to the Hamptons—after packing their bags?

All signs point to artist Tom Sachs and his wife, former Gagosian director Sarah Hoover.

A former Sachs employee told Artnet News in an email that it was the mention of an “organizational officer” that “clocked it” in their mind. “And dog systems and closet systems. There’s only one person who would say those three things.”

The couple has also been named as the creators of the ad in numerous posts online. Maika Pollack, director of the John Young Museum of Art and University Galleries at the University of Hawai‘i, tweeted simply “lol Tom Sachs and Sarah Hoover.” Another user wrote “it’s gotta be tom sachs and sarah hoover I feel it in my bones.”

Commenters on Emily Colucci’s blog Filthy Dreams, which first brought the job listing to light—and was smart enough to save it as a PDF before its owners scrubbed it from the internet—say the same. “I can assure you this is Tom Sachs and his ‘organizational officer,’” wrote a commenter named Ellen on Colluci’s blog.

Sarah Hoover and Tom Sachs, guests of honor at the Art Production Fund gala. Photo courtesy of BFA.

Sarah Hoover and Tom Sachs, guests of honor at the Art Production Fund gala. Photo courtesy of BFA.

The ad also provides a number of identifying details that line up with Sachs and Hoover, who married in 2012. They share a French bulldog named Napoleon and have a five-year-old son, Guy. Sachs also has a well-documented predilection for “systems,” having said at various times that his work takes inspiration from “food delivery systems,” “speaker systems,” and “reaction control systems.” His studio is apparently filled with “sorting systems.”

The artist, who is known for his “Space Program” series of sculptures related to NASA space missions, demands that viewers of his work share his extreme attention to detail and sometimes perform menial tasks—as in the NYFA listing—in order to participate in it. Visitors to his 2017 “Space Camp” on New York’s Governors Island had to watch a 40-minute film and complete a grueling obstacle course in order to take home a pair of Sachs’s new NIKECraft Mars 2.0 sneakers. Before granting journalists interviews, he instructs them to watch a 21-minute film explaining the rules of his studio.

Hoover, who spent nearly 15 years working at Gagosian, is known for going to galas and sporting glamorous outfits—which probably come from “high-end stores.” She worked at Gagosian for 15 years and is a board member at the Art Production Fund and Recess Art nonprofits. She has also written a forthcoming book on the challenges of pregnancy and motherhood (even with a small army of nannies, assistants, a chef, and other help).
“Motherhood is put on this pedestal in the sense that there are very few ordained paths that you’re allowed to take,” she recently told . “In another sense, it’s the opposite of being on a pedestal because there’s no government support for mothers. It’s almost impossible. It’s prohibitively difficult to be a working mother.”

Even for an industry like the art world, where young people struggling to find a career foothold frequently take low-paying yet exhausting jobs for which they are overqualified, the Sachs-Hoover executive assistant is… a lot. (The even called it “the worst job ever.”)

No word yet on whether they’re still hiring.


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