With a New Bicoastal Approach, Art Palm Beach and the LA Art Show Will Highlight Climate Change in 2023


This past November, Scott Diament and Rob Samuels of the Palm Beach Show Group announced the acquisition of Art Palm Beach, adding the fair to the group’s illustrious roster of national shows. Also under Palm Beach Show Group’s banner is the LA Art Show, the largest and longest-running modern and contemporary art fair in Los Angeles. Both Art Palm Beach and the LA Art Show are helmed by Kassandra Voyagis, who was first appointed to the position at the latter show in 2021, following a 16-year tenure as executive director. Of the development, Voyagis said, “We will be creating a new and completely revamped Art Palm Beach. Under our leadership, we will be taking this show in a new and exciting direction, marrying both fairs in a dynamic, state-of-the-art, bicoastal enterprise.”

Producer and Director Kassandra Voyagis. Courtesy of LA Art Show.

Producer and director Kassandra Voyagis. Courtesy of the LA Art Show.

Hosting over 80 art galleries, Art Palm Beach will run from January 25 through January 29. The 2023 edition will be thematically focused on climate change and will have the exciting addition of immersive experiences that engage with the climate crisis—specifically the influence human activity has on the planet and the Anthropocene. The fair will also debut DiverseartPB, the counterpart to DiverseartLA, a signature curatorial facet of the LA Art Show. Both projects are curated by Marisa Caichiolo, who said of the project and theme, “Contextualizing through immersive experiences and installations, we can all work together on solutions.” As part of the endeavor, DiverseartPB aims to support Florida nonprofit arts organizations and institutions, with the inaugural edition presenting a special exhibition of multimedia artist Marcos Lutyens. There will also be a multifaceted collaboration between artist Guillermo Anselmo Vezzosi and Dr. Eric Larour of the NASA Jet Propulsion Lab.

Installation view of an immersive experience. Courtesy of Art Palm Beach.

Installation view of an immersive experience. Courtesy of Art Palm Beach.

Following Art Palm Beach, the LA Art Show will run February 15–19, kicking off Los Angeles’s art season. Of the fair’s 28th edition, Voyagis said, “We’re back with a bang. I’m blown away by the scope of work represented at this year’s show and incredibly honored to help bring it all together. We’re welcoming an extraordinary group of diverse global artists and galleries, learning from each other, and sparking important conversations.” With the same thematic focus as Art Palm Beach, DiverseartLA will collaborate with eight art institutions, museums, and nonprofits to present an interdisciplinary solo project addressing climate and environmental issues. With the return of the European Pavilion, premiere of the Japanese Pavilion, and the presence of a broad array of Korean art and artists, the LA Art Show promises to be the most expansive and diverse to date.

LA Art Show (2022).

LA Art Show 2022. Courtesy of the LA Art Show.

Now joined under the same leadership, the programs and vision for the LA Art Show and Art Palm Beach complement and expand what can be achieved by the fairs. The bicoastal presence will undoubtedly offer artists, galleries, and collectors a cohesive foundation from which to engage with modern and contemporary art more deeply.


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