How to insert a Time Lapse Video into Your Art?

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Art is about reproducing what you feel inside. It can be about what your eyes are seeing at the moment, an experience you have lived before and that left a mark on your soul, or even to reproduce a harmony that keeps playing inside your head. There are so many different events that can drive you to create art. But when you need to show the time passing by, there are no better methods than doing it through a time lapse video.

What do you need to produce a Time Lapse Video?

If you want to create a quality time lapse video, you will need to acquire a time lapse camera. This tool will provide you with various possibilities, that regular cameras simply don’t have incorporated inside them. One of them is having a panoramic view of what you will be shooting that reaches 220°. This will immediately add a quality to your art, that everyone will notice when they see it, as they will certainly exclaim themselves by saying “Wow!” watching with their eyes wide-open, like children on a Christmas morning. If you are planning to create a time lapse that will last for days and even months, you should know that a time lapse camera comes with solar panels and a battery that will enable the camera to run continuously, without having to recharge it. Also, you will be able to communicate with the camera through 4K wireless, enabling you to modify the view as days pass, to create an even more beautiful and personal story.

What can you show through a Time Lapse Video?

As an artist, you have probably thought of a thousand things to create already, with a time lapse camera. After all, that is the beauty of art: it comes from personal ideas that we get to share with others, once it is produced. But let us help you out with a few ideas, so that you can start from them, to build a moving image of your own, if you want to.


Nature is certainly a friend of artists. It inspires them as seasons change, or even when the weather turns suddenly, during the day. The spectacle of a storm, when you start shooting the time lapse before it begins and until the sun comes back, can be really impressive, for those who get to watch it later on. A simple sky that goes from blue to shades of red and then to black, can also carry its weight of emotions. Those more technical, may want to show how a plant grows inside a transparent glass, to remind everyone watching of the beauty of life.


Watching humans as they move from one day to the next can also be quite fascinating. Especially when they have a purpose. Imagine the study of one individual as he builds a house, or any other object, day after day. How many emotions can we see in such a timeline? Quite enough to bring all watchers chills, as seconds elapse in front of their eyes.


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