The Surreal Architectural Collages By Matthias Jung Look Like Mirage


Artist and designer Matthias Jung collages unique elements of architecture to create imaginary homes set in isolated landscapes. The works float above environments on the outskirts of civilization, appearing like a mirage above rolling plains or an arctic glacier. Jung began the series of houses in early January 2015.

The details Jung chooses for his compositions are selected based on the feelings they elicit. For example, the German designer might select latticed windows to convey a sense of coziness in a work, while including concrete to provoke a certain coldness. When combined, the homes serve as short poems, collaged emotions packaged into surreal structures. On trips around Europe, Asia, and North America, Matthias Jung photographs the expansive surroundings and the built structures that occupy the vast landscapes. Using these personal pictures, Jung stretches reality by collaging several elements of the images together to form phantasmagoric architectural compositions.  He sees a fairytale environment classified by floating buildings, houses set on rotating wheels and facades tied to the ground, somewhere between fantasy and reality. “The composition of the individual elements correlates to a logic, as if in a dream,’ Jung explains. ‘In order for my work to function properly, I also have to consider design rules. Thus, the relationship between order; disorder and homogeneity; diversity must agree. A building has to first be stable and credible before I can add some ‘disorder’, to let it fly for example. One such disorder refers to another, only hinting at reality. I weave, so to speak, spiritual realities into everyday things.’