5 contemporary sculptors


We keep on writing about the most interesting new faces in the world of contemporary art and design. This collection contains 5 sculptors involved in modern sculpture, installations, and assemblage. Among them, you will find very young artists and already well-known ones.

Bruno Walpoth

This Italian sculptor works with unusual for classical sculpture materials- wood (lime and walnut) and lead. The characters of his works are sad, touching, and seemingly lonely people. Walpoth makes all the sculptures in full size, carefully studying the anatomy of the bodies – muscles, joints, bones.

5 contemporary sculptors 5 contemporary sculptors

Dario Tironi

The Italian artist Dario Tironi is extremely multifaceted. All his sculptures, photographs, installations, and graphics are equally interesting and distinctive. The figures of people and dogs, made from improvised material and even garbage, caused the greatest resonance. He uses plastic bottles, lego toys, audio cassettes, and tablet packs.

In his works, he tries to answer the question: How is the world of consumption connected with the world of nature?

5 contemporary sculptors 5 contemporary sculptors


Michael DeLucia

Michael DeLucia was born in New York, where he currently works. His works made from everyday objects have brought him fame in New York, Paris, and Berlin. Delucia uses habitual consumer goods, creating abstract sculptures from them. He combines readymade and minimalism confidently.

5 contemporary sculptors 5 contemporary sculptors

Antony Cragg

Anthony Cragg, a native of Liverpool, managed to become a professor at the prestigious L’Ecole des Beaux-Arts, receive the Imperial Prize for sculptures, and become a principal at the Düsseldorf Academy of Arts. Throughout his career, there are works made in completely different styles.

5 contemporary sculptors 5 contemporary sculptors

Caroline Rothwell

The Englishwoman Carolyn Rothwell lives simultaneously in London and Sydney. She is inspired by the nature of the southern continent greatly. Bizarre asymmetric Rothwell`s sculptures are hybrids of animals and plants. Rothwell places many of her works outdoors. In such a way, she opposes the artificiality of her works to the harmony of natural landscapes.

5 contemporary sculptors 5 contemporary sculptors


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