The artist Asmahan A. Mosleh, known as Murder and Rose, creates unusual mandalas in Arabic style.

The meditative pieces take days to complete with upward of 80 hours spent on an individual painting. The UK-based artist shares process videos and completed works on her Instagram.

The pieces, often gilded with gold paint, begin with a pencil outline which she then traces in pen, and finally pigment. Pearls of paint are added as final details that give the circular paintings a bit of texture, adding bright pops to the already dense designs. Mosleh also works straight from inception to completion, absorbing herself in the pattern of one artwork before deciding which to begin next.

Mosleh has a knack for selecting vibrant colors to compliment her intricate designs, and is currently focusing on getting her work into galleries. Her attention to detail and the hypnotic patterning of her work reminds us that while mandalas have a long, spiritual history, they continue to capture attention in contemporary society.