Someone enjoys art as a good hobby, someone is absolutely indifferent to it, and someone finds in solitude only solace and salvation, thus escaping the problems of the cruel world around them. American artist Laura Harris devoted many years to teaching, however, unfortunately, she was bedridden and had to quit her job and devote herself to a hobby – art.

Since the childhood, he girl showed abilities to drawing and other directions of creativity. These skills and innate talent helped her survive the disappointment and find herself in something new. Today Laura Harris is a famous author of amazing mosaics made of fragments of ceramics, keys, beads, buttons and pebbles. Despite the fact that the girl can not leave the house, her work is known all over the world – she shares her success with subscribers in social networks. In Lara’s works, there are often elements of surrealism that make her work with her favorite artist Harris – Salvador Dali. Another reference to his works is the use of gears in mosaic watches.