New York-based design firm Sagmeister & Walsh has created a series of pop-art paintings for Aïzone’s Fall/Winter 2016 campaign. Aïzone is a branch of luxury lifestyle brand Aïshti located in Lebanon.

Sagmeister & Walsh’s 3D visuals sit on a vivid, colourful and animated backdrops, which are composed of a pink painted horse, domestic+flying furnitures and a variety of sugar candies. New series of crazy and surreal graphics will appear on billboards, in magazines, newspapers, and in stores across the middle east at Aizone stores.

Aïzone is not the first campaign created by Sagmeister & Walsh, the creative studio developed new series of graphics for Aïzone’s Fall/Winter 2015 Campaign by transforming playful scenarios within a colourful -3D depictions flattened with various playful objects, dogs, fruits, pop-up girls, hairs and dresses.

This year,  Sagmeister & Walsh’s, along with the same team, highly stylistic visuals, brought psychedelic and constructivist worlds to life, complete with trippy optical illusions and a pink painted horse.

Sagmeister & Walsh’s 3d environments inspired by 2d pop art paintings created with the help of body painter Anastasia Durasova and set builds by Sing-Sing. In the depicted, highly stylistic images, the studio uses fashionable models, over makeup, different accessories, playful environment, colourful pants, dart boards, coloured wigs and avant garde hair models set into futuristic overlays.

Project Facts

Creative&Art Directon: Jessica Walsh
Images: Sing-Sing (Adi Goodrich and Sean Pecknold)
Design: Jessica Walsh, Daniel Forero
3D & Design: Pedro Veneziano
Makeup: Anastasia Durasova
Set builds: Sing-Sing
Retouching: Lutz & Schmidt, Daniel Plateado