Want To Decorate Your Home With Art? Here’s How


Based on how it’s portrayed on TV and in the movies, you may be forgiven for thinking that art is the exclusive preserve of the rich.

Time and technology have democratized works of art and some of the most famous pieces are available as prints you can hang in your home.

This is not the only way you can spruce up your home with art. Here are some other ways you can enjoy it.

Learn what you like

Taste in art is very individual. If you have an inkling of what kinds of pieces you might like, begin to explore.

There’s a lot to learn about styles and periods and what will work best with your decor, but once you work out what you want, you can begin picking your pieces and decide how you want them displayed.

It’s that easy. You don’t need an interior designer or an art history degree.

Shop for pieces

Getting art you like doesn’t have to be expensive. Technology has made several galleries, featuring gorgeous and affordable paintings available. So if you want a canvas painting, they’re available online for your perusal. You can view to your heart’s content, order, and have your selections shipped to you, without ever leaving your home.

Add a bit of variety

You don’t have to have all of your art confined to one room. You don’t even have to confine yourself to one artist or even one presentation style.

Be sure to purchase pieces of different sizes. Make a dramatic statement with a huge piece on a showcase wall in your living room. Create a collage of smaller pieces in your bedroom or bathroom. 

Highlight your art with recess lighting. 

You can even switch up mediums. Discard the frames and apply art pieces directly to the wall. You can have it stenciled there, or have an artist come in to create a one-of-a-kind show stopper.

Who even says that “art” should be limited to only paintings. You can have sculpture, metalwork and mixed media. You can even have photographs.

Do you think your living area is incomplete or bare? If yes, you can complete it by adding a few wall art pieces on the walls. There are many living room wall decor ideas that you can use to amp up the beauty of your space. Wall art looks trendy in any room of your home and never goes out of fashion. 

Don’t clutter

With art of any kind, there is a fine balance between not enough and too much.

You don’t want that one tiny piece that nobody notices in the corner of the room, but you also don’t want a jumble of prints and objects that obstructs passage through a room either.

If you’re using a wall for your pieces, consider how you’ll space them. Same with standing art that takes up floor space.

Consider thematic arrangements

If you’re hanging art in your bathroom or bedroom, you might want to consider cool colors. This is because those are supposed to be relaxed spaces.

Similarly, select bolder, more vibrant prints for your living room and kitchen, where the action normally is.

You could also consider the purpose of the room. For example, your bedroom could feature renaissance ladies in their own boudoirs. Your bathroom could have scenic seascapes. What you come up with is limited only by your imagination.

Don’t be intimidated by art. Art is anything you deem it to be. Your home is your personal space. Decorate it with art you love.


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