Dorotheum’s Design Auction will also Feature the Teichgräber Collection

A Boomerang desk, designed by Maurice Calka c. 1970, for Edition Leleu-Deshays, France, fibreglass and polyester, estimate €24,000 - 30,000.

Rare classics, idiosyncratic designs, along with objects from the collection of Viennese design expert Peter Teichgräber – all this and much more will clamour for attention at the upcoming Dorotheum design auction on June 6th 2018.

The wide expanse of our past, remembered only in fragments – According to designer Alessandro Mendini this might sum up the meaning of ”Poltrona di Proust”, a hand-painted Rococo armchair covered in Pointillist dots of colour: “I bought an old armchair, saw a Pointillist painting, and decided to combine the two”. One such popular chair, made in 1990, enters the auction race at an estimated 30,000 to 50,000 Euro.

A Poltrona di Proust lounge chair, designed by Alessandro Mendini in 1978, manufactured in 1990, carved wooden frame in the Rococo style, the white textile covering hand-painted with a Pointillist pattern, signed: 90 A. Mendini and with a dedicatory inscription to the present owner. estimate €30,000 – 50,000.

Yet another chair with considerable ‘cult cred’ is an early armchair by Marcel Breuer, the seat machine “Sitzmaschine Modell B25”. This tubular steel chair designed in 1928/29 and only produced for a short period by Thonet, perfectly embodies the radical Bauhaus style (estimate € 12,000 – 20,000).

It was his ”Boomerang” writing desk that laid the foundations of Maurice Calka’s claim to global fame. The organically shaped piece is still considered a stylistic pioneer of French design. The Dorotheum auction presents one such writing desk, dating to ca. 1970 and produced for Edition Leleu-Deshays, at 24,000 to 30,000 Euro

Dating to the same year, 1970, a rare and original chest of drawers by the illustrious Milan designer Gabriella Crespi belongs to the famous ”Plurimi” series and is expected to fetch between 20,000 and 30,000 Euro.

On this occasion, the auction also features a particularly fine range of objects from the collection of renowned and pioneering Viennese design dealer Peter Teichgräber, which includes a „Equestria Opulator“ seat-object, designed in 1988 by Paul Etienne Lincoln (estimate € 13,000 – 16,000), as well as several works of the Memphis group and by contemporary artists such as Peter Weibel.


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