A Splash Of Colours: Peihang Huang’s Picturesque View Of Life


Is it possible that contemporary art looks like Renoir canvas? Of course, yes. You just fix your eyes on Peihang Huang‘s pieces. Maybe they are free interpretation of impressionism but each persson will admire the multicoloured technique!

Peihang Huang is a painter whose practice challenges the perception of reality by exploring the hidden relations between visual documents of the human experience. Starting with collages of photographs gleaned from historical sources and everyday media, Peihang looks for the subtle associations that persist through time and space. She recreates a world that is both familiar and yet at odds with our experience, questioning our relation to history and how perceptions are constructed.

Peihang holds MFA degree in Fine Art awarded at National Taiwan Normal University and received another MA in Fine Art at Chelsea College of Arts. Her work has been exhibited in many countries such as UK, Taiwan, China, Japan, Korea, Germany and at many international art fairs such as Start Art Fair, Art Taipei, ART OSAKA, Young Art Taipei, ARTO Art Fair BUSAN, Asia Top Gallery Hotel Art Fair, ART Tainan. She currently lives and works in between London and Taipei.

A John Berger‘s review of Peihang “Past and Present” shows us her way:

“Despite our differences in material wealth, social, political, religious, and cultural backgrounds, people living in every corner of the world will at one point ask: “What kind of life are we living? What will happen in the future?” Yet in the global digital era, with more information than ever before, we do not have a strong understanding of our existence. In these contradictory conditions, events that have happened in the past continue to appear today in similar form. What does this mean, and how will it impact us? These questions, which include nostalgia, identity, and universal truths, may only be incited when you leave your familiar environment.

The most recent work of Peihang Huang draws on questions with no answers. Having lost her mother, left home and moved to England to join her husband, and lived the life of an “immigrant” in recent years. Huang contemplates her journey, the connections with her mother and her family history. In an attempt to process these feelings, Huang captured the essence of the human condition, which is one that none of us, including her mother, can escape. These experiences have changed Huang’s work to an unprecedented degree.

 “Past and Present,” documents the change that has taken place in Huang’s life in dazzling colours that wash over the viewer. Huang’s style is reminiscent of Taiwan’s ever present, advertising signs draws on Taiwan’s characteristically open youth subculture by welcoming the familiar and foreign into these vivid, compositions. The faces present in Huang’s works are always indistinct, blurred and intentionally distant; they represent inarticulate cries, independent of time and space, that test our courage to face the unknown.”

UsaARTnewS congratulates Peihang with her first achievements! And we will add Huang works in ou site.