In his ongoing colorful collection towns, Serbian artist Vuk Vučković creates exceptionally unique panoramas of some of the sector’s most well-known metropoles. the use of oil on canvas, the intense and often cool animated film-like art work chronicle the whole lot he observes, whether it’s new york, Chicago or Serbia’s Novi sad.


“thru my art work, I document the city in the present. I strive to preserve the beauty of the city with the aid of reminding human beings of it,” Vuk explains. “i love to focus on the good stuff that make a metropolis, to expose it in a nice mild to both people who stay there, in addition to vacationers. human beings discover with cities, which evoke robust feelings. cities are on occasion beyond borders and nations.

“My purpose is to inspire the observer to expand his or her understanding of the subculture and history of the cities that I paint, with the concept that once we analyze, then we will apprehend, and when we understand, then we are able to keep and nurture.”

Vuk changed into born in 1986 in Pančevo, Serbia. He graduated in 2010 from the faculty of great Arts in Belgrade, in which he started his doctoral research in painting the equal year. for the reason that 2015, he has been the co-founder of the artwork studio Wolf art. discover extra of Vuk’s brilliant and delightful work at