Fall is the official season of art and exhibitions in Los Angeles, and if you are an art enthusiast, you might be eagerly waiting for the upcoming events. When it comes to cultural diversity, Los Angeles has a reputation for being one of the most versatile cities. Every year it hosts a lot of exhibitions that curtails to the taste of different individuals. There are a lot of new exhibitions opening throughout the year with some permanent art events that you simply can’t miss. However, the dates of these events are subject to changes. So, before making any plans, you must make sure that the event hasn’t shifted or delayed. To keep up with all the art exhibitions, you can browse over to artfairmag.com, choose Los Angeles as the location and get an updated list of the dates and venues of all the exhibitions.

Nineteen Nineteen

Starting from Jan 20, 2020, The Huntington Library, Art Museum, and Botanical Gardens will begin its yearlong Centennial Celebration with the Nineteen Nineteen exhibition. It is one of the most interesting exhibitions as a lot of astronomical photographs of the constellations will be made public. This exhibition can be described by the theme; “Fight”, “Return”, “Map”, “Move”, and “Build” as a 37 foot map of the Pacific Electric route , German Revolution Posters, and a lot of interesting documents by Henry E. Huntington will be presented.

Los Angeles Art Show

It is one of the most anticipated Art Shows that will be held in the Los Angeles Convention Center. The show aims to attract a lot of local community as it is designed to celebrate the local diversity. The show will host different global galleries, a mix of modern and contemporary art, historical work, and much more. It will also include lectures, special tours and exhibits, an after-party, and will begin with an opening night premiere party. 

Superfine! Art Fair

Superfine! Art Fair is coming to Los Angeles on the 6th of February with a lot of artists. It is one of the best places to buy contemporary art. Eagar buyers can meet their favorite artists and collectors can get their hands of original art pieces. If you are an emerging artist yourself, you can even discuss your ideas with artists and get valuable insight into how to get better. Superfine! is definitely the best place for artists to sell their art and for collectors to buy art.

Under a Mushroom Cloud

This exhibition is set to take place in late November to commemorate the 75th anniversary of the bombings of Hiroshima and Nagasaki. The exhibition will be held in Little Tokyo, where the displays of photographs, explanatory texts, and artifacts belonging to the victims will be put up. Documentaries to show the painful history will also be displayed so that people get a perspective of the aftermaths of an atomic bomb. The event aims to shed some light on the horrific event that took place and create awareness amongst people so that something similar doesn’t happen in the future.



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