Art Market Trends 2024


 “Shopping vintage and antiques is the ultimate antidote to trend trap.”, Katie Saro, designer, vintage dealer, and host of The Art of Vintage on Magnolia Network.

Just like fashion, vintage art cycles through trends so there is always something new coming to the surface, even if it’s been around for years,” says Noel Fahden Briceño, vice president of merchandising at Chairish.

Today experts are sharing their predictions for the top antique and vintage art market trends of 2024.

Modernist Landscapes in the Swedish Style are predicted to be among the biggest antique and vintage art market trends for 2024.

Swedish modernist works are characterized by noticeably loose brushstrokes, flat color transitions, and a dreamy, often monotonous palette. According to Ahden Briceño,“the loose brushstrokes and often ‘unfinished’ appearance gives character to each. There is a perfect imperfection about them that brings you in. Plus, the palette is fresh and is both bright, yet rich.”

Roger MUHL Les Iles de Lerins II, Lithografie

Most of these pieces will be very popular at art fairs next year. To find these works by artists like Roger Muhl and Sixten Lundbohm, take an antique tour to Europe—Faden Briceño says most of these pieces are still there.

Handcrafted and Cottagecore Pieces are also expected to be among the main trends in the art market in 2024. Cottagecore, the charming, flower-filled aesthetic that has been celebrated since the start of the pandemic, will continue its bucolic ascent into 2024. This will also tap into Saro’s prediction that craft-centered design with a modern twist will be popular in the coming year.

Americana is as old and beloved as America itself, but in 2024 it will experience a revival of its popularity and demand in the art market. “Looking at art sales over the past few years, there has been an overarching trend away from anything flashy and loud in favor of things that feel more down to earth and even artisanal, so this is a natural progression of that process with the added element that is a nod to American historical references,” Fahden Briceño says.

Cartoon Americana Painting by Kenton Nelson

Hailing from the 1960s, minimalist geometric art will surge in 2024, according to Fahden Briceño. Paintings on canvas, color serigraphs with geometric compositions, often monochrome, and sometimes images on figured canvases are certainly expected to be among the trends of art investment in 2024.

Faden Briceño also says that while this is definitely not a new trend, it is certainly enduring, which is due to the beauty that can be seen in the simplicity of these pieces: clean lines with an elevated palette. She describes the pieces as “the absolute epitome of quiet luxury.”

Pop art is characterized by its brightly hued, graphic, and iconic visuals. And it surely will trend in the art market in 2024.


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