Art world AI-nxiety: what is artificial intelligence and how are artists using it?


This week on The Week in Art podcast: artificial intelligence (AI) and art. We explore some of the key aspects relating to AI and its use in the art world: the works being made using AI technologies and exploring their impact; anxieties about machines replacing humans; the idea of AIs being able to think and create independently; and whether we can truly grasp the significance and possible effects of the technologies and those who control it, and more.

Artists Gretchen Andrew hacked Google’s algorithms to put her work at the top of searches for the “cover of artforum” Courtesy of the artist

Our podcast host Ben Luke talks to Noam Segal—an associate curator at the Solomon R. Guggenheim Museum, New York, whose focus is on technology-based art—about AI, its history in art, its social and environmental effects, and how artists are using it today.

The Art Newspaper’s live editor, Aimee Dawson, talks to the artist and writer Gretchen Andrew about making art with AI and together they explore its wider application across the art world.

Boris Eldagsen’s Pseudomnesia: The Electrician

© Boris Eldagsen, courtesy Sony World Photography Award

And this episode’s Work of the Week is Pseudomnesia: The Electrician, an image made using AI by the photographer Boris Eldagsen. The piece caused controversy earlier this month when it was awarded a prize at the Sony World Photography Awards, which Eldagsen refused to accept. The researcher and photographer Lewis Bush discusses the work, the controversy and wider questions around AI and photography.


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