Cube Art Fair, the World’s Largest Public Art Fair, returns to New York City with an innovative AI Edition


Running from September 6-10, 2023, Cube Art Fair, the World’s Largest Public Art Fair, is back with its iconic public art fair, featuring, for the first time, AI artwork in Times Square.

Launched in 2016 with previous in-person shows in Brussels and New York City, Cube Art Fair introduced their Public Art Fair – an immersive digital experience on the streets of cities – during the pandemic in 2020, in order to enable the creativity of its artists to be featured despite the widespread interruption in the art fair schedule. What initially started as a solution, now become an exciting fixture in the art fair circuits.

 The World’s Largest Public Art Fair

New York, NY – Cube Art Fair, marking its 10th edition with the debut of an AI Art Fair, returns to New York City as a staple satellite fair during the highly anticipated Armory week. 

In a previous adaptation, prompted by covid, the internationally acclaimed fair shifted from its traditional in-person format to become a digital art exhibition held in public spaces. Also widely known as the World’s Largest Public Art Fair, its transformative displays on iconic buildings and on hundreds of billboards in cities including New York, Miami, and Brussels have redefined conventional art exhibition norms.

Once again, the fair takes an innovative turn, this time by introducing the first-ever Art Fair dedicated to AI. “Cube Art Fair is a platform to showcase artists’ creativity in bold and impactful ways” said Gregoire Vogelsang, founder of Cube Art Fair.” In this edition, we celebrate the fusion of art and technology, challenging preconceptions and encouraging discourse that shapes the future of art”.  

The center stage of the fair will take place in Times Square, where a range of international artists such as Philippe Shangti, Noir Artist, Robert Leone, and Andreas Anastasis will be featured among others on a giant 15,000 sq/ft billboard during the art week, from September 6-10, 2023.  

Pioneering the AI Art Fair

The convergence of artificial intelligence and artistic expression takes prominence with the debut of this AI edition. In a world where advancements in AI have generated both excitement and apprehension, this exhibit reshapes the narrative, highlighting how AI can be embraced by even traditional artists, not just those working in the digital realm.

AI is presented in the art fair as a powerful tool, enriching and amplifying the artistic expression rather than supplanting it. The exhibition casts AI as the partner that accentuates, rather than replaces, the artist’s core vision. 

This bold integration of AI and traditional art aims to provoke thought, inspire dialogue, and push the boundaries of artistic innovation. In this exhibit, the original artworks become the canvas on which an AI algorithm is trained, drawing inspiration from the artist’s unique style. This collaboration results in the enhancement and the creation of additional artworks, all shaped by the artist’s vision and guidance.

About Cube Art Fair 

Cube Art Fair is an international art fair that provides a platform for artists to showcase their work to a global audience, in both in-person and digital editions. Cube Art Fair aims to engage, inspire, and reimagine art accessibility to the public. Rooted in its mission, the Fair converts the streets into a gallery space dedicated to artistic expression, where artworks from its artists could be seen by the public on giant billboards or on the side of iconic buildings.

Contact Cube Art Fair: 


Gregoire Vogelsang 


Phone. +1 (646) 322-7935 


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