The Most Beautiful CS:GO Knife — Karambit | Case Hardened


In CS:GO, Karambit knives are considered the most famous weapons due to their smooth animations and sleek design. The blade of the knife is not straight but curved. The blade’s shape closely resembles an eagle or griffin’s talon and a tiger’s claw. If we examine the player, we will find that the player twirls the blade casually on the index finger.

As knives in CS:GO are very popular, a character holding a knife goes faster than with other weapons. Hence, knives provide a bigger damage rate but it is difficult to use them for killing. In CS:GO, the different kinds of knives include Falchion, Bayonet, Huntsman, Bowie, etc.

If you are interested in gaming and want to know more about these popular knives and how to use them in CS:GO, then you should definitely check the karambit case hardened to make your gameplay more unique and memorable.

Three Best Karambit Knives

Before knowing which Karambit knives belong to the top three, you also need to learn that in CS:GO you can buy, sell or exchange Karambit knife skins in two ways. Firstly, players prefer to collect them in their inventory in Steam which has its own platform for trading. Secondly, players use a third party like DMarket to trade without fees and withdraw their money. Now we can move towards the top three Karambit knives.

Case Hardened

On 14 August 2013, it got its first association with CS:GO with “The Arms Deal” update. Just like the Karambit | Fade, it became quite popular. After it gained traction from players, the price of the skin on the Steam marketplace started from around $500. The Case Hardened knife skin doesn’t always provide specific design options, it’s more about its memorable color scheme.

  • Description: Its color never hurt anybody.
  • Drops From: Cases from 2013–2015
  • First Appearance: 14 August 2013
  • Steam Price at the time of writing: $850 to around $1270

Doppler Sapphire

It appeared in CS:GO on 8 January 2015 as a part of the “Full Spectrum” update. Its value is around $14,000. In the digital video game skin market, it is one of the most expensive series. If you can’t afford the phase of Doppler Sapphire, you can also check out other phases like Black Pearl and Ruby.

  • Description: Getting lost in its color can be proved fatal.
  • Drops From: Chroma 1, 2, and 3 case
  • First Appearance: 8 January 2015
  • Steam Price: n/a


This CS:GO skin dates back to 14 August 2013. As part of “The Arms Deal”, the Karambit | Fade took its first step in the digital gaming world. Its market value is around $1,964 or less, according to Steam. It gained popularity among skin traders and YouTubers. Few patterns of it are much more costly than the regular price.

  • Description: It isn’t just a mere weapon but a conservation piece.
  • Drops From: Cases from 2013–1015
  • First Appearance: 14 August 2013
  • Steam Price at the time of writing: max $1,964

Can You Be a Better Player after Buying These Knives?

If you’re thinking that buying these expensive knives can change your fate in gaming, you’re completely on the wrong path since you need to plan proper gaming strategies in all circumstances to be a better player.


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