Top 5 Artistic Places in Korea

Exhibition of Kelly Beeman at the Perrotin Gallery in Seoul, 2022

The Korean art market is now at the center of discussions. Young collectors are influenced by the development of digital technologies. This affects their artistic preferences and overall investment. Today, we’ll take you through South Korea’s breathtaking artistic and cultural landscape and show you the best art galleries in Seoul.

National Museum of Modern Art

The National Museum of Contemporary Art (MMCA) showcases contemporary art in Seoul. It is also one of the first museums of its kind in the country, featuring contemporary art from South Korea and around the world.

An unusual pavilion in the courtyard of the Korean National Museum of Modern Art was created from the bow of a 35-year-old bulk carrier. From afar, the Temp’L pavilion looks like the work of a modern futurist architect.

The authors of the pavilion, Korean architects Shin Hyung-Chul and Claire Shin visited several cemeteries of old ships and found a suitable vessel in the port city of Mokpo in South Korea. Now a winter garden has been laid out inside the rusty building – the architects thus wanted to draw attention to the need for recycling.

It is undoubtedly one of the most popular South Korea art museums.

Daelim Museum

Daelim Museum façade

Dalelim Museum is located in the heart of the Seoul area where there are a huge number of art galleries. What makes it different? The stained glass windows, inspired by traditional Korean ceramics, remind visitors of the work of the great Piet Mondrian. The French architect Vincent Cornu initiated the reconstruction of the building. And thus, the museum building itself has become an art project. Undoubtedly, this art gallery in Seoul is worth seeing for everyone.

Lotte World Folk Museum

All lovers of museums who are interested in observing model villages and life in them will be interested in visiting Lotte World Folk Museum. This museum presents Korean folk culture through miniature exhibits. You can see cities from different periods of history here at the Lotte World Folk Museum.

Haslla Art World

Another one of the must-see South Korea art museums is Haslla Art World. It is a cultural park overlooking the East Sea. This park is also home to the Haslla Museum Hotel and the Haslla Wedding Hall. You will see the Modern Art Floor, the Pinnochio Floor, and the magnificent outdoor statue park.

Arte Museum Gangneung

Arte Museum Gangneung is Korea’s largest immersive media art exhibition featuring thirteen valley-themed media artworks. It reveals the regional aspects of Gangneung and Gangwon Province. The Art Museum is created on the theme of Eternal Nature. In this way, works of art provide a completely immersive knowledge with pictorial intensity, pleasing sound, and exquisite flavor.


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