Many weddings are steeped in long-standing traditions, but yet each nuptial remains unique to the couple getting married. The best wedding photographers capture these idiosyncrasies and new memories through a combination of documentation and artistry. When this happens, the images transcend the genre and become works of fine art photography. MyWed, a wedding photographers community online, recently published the winners of their annual competition called the MyWed Award.

Photo: Egor Zhelov, Heroes of the Day

The wedding photography contest features 12 main nominations, eight additional categories, as well as the coveted Photographer of the Year. The winning images are each different, but they have one thing in common—they capture a couple’s big day from a novel point of view. In some photos, this means extreme vantage points, while other photographers hit the shutter at the perfect moment to capture a hilarious facial expression or antics from the wedding party.

Photo: Jorge Romero, Engagement

So, who took home the top prize in 2017? Washington, DC-based photographer Ken Pak won the honor of Photographer of the Year thanks to his expert eye and a keen sense of documentation. It also helped that his bride and groom were equal parts silly and heartfelt, which lead to a series that’s both beautiful and doesn’t take itself too seriously. Pak’s prize is a shiny new Nikon D5 camera.

Photo: Vinci Wang, Camera Angle

If you’re a wedding photographer who would like to enter the MyWed Award, the submission process for the next competition starts on October 1, 2018.

Photo: Alejandro Gutierrez, First Dance
Photo: Jorge Romero, The Bouquet Toss
Photo: Gustavo Liceaga, Getting Ready
Photo: Soven Amatya, Cake Cutting
Photo: Aleksandr Vasilev, Rings
Photo: Arjan Van Der Plaat, Moment
Photo: Ilya Rikhter, Rotated Photographs
Photo: Rino Cordella, Traditions
Photo: George Stan, Higher and Higher
Photo: Aleksey Malyshev, Recognizable World’s Places
Photo: Andreu Doz, Ceremony
Photo: Aleksandr Vasilev, Details
Photo: Roman Matejov, Family Portrait
Photo: David Hofman, Wedding Party