UA View offers its international audience an interactive map showing where Ukrainian artists have played an integral role in the creative processes of countries around the globe.  

This online UA View guide is a geo-tagged interactive map pinpointing  the activities of prominent Ukrainian artists working in different parts of the world, including any related ”made in Ukraine” arts-related phenomena. At you can check out the bios and notable creations of a host of Ukrainian artists. On the social media side there are also UA View pages on both Facebook and Instagram.

“Putting the Ukraine Everywhere program together, we felt it was important to document the impact of Ukrainians on world history and their contributions to the culture of countries and communities around the globe. The UA View project will allow audiences not familiar with our country to learn about Ukrainian cultural contributions in an accessible way. We’re also looking to bring together a  community of Ukrainians ready to tell the world about their country and the talent that springs from it. Anyone can join in the effort and contribute to the project, offer perspectives of phenomena not yet covered – locations and creative work by and involving Ukrainians.” Iryna Prokofieva, Ukrainian Institute Program Director.

For content, the online guide will include biographies and interactive articles,  archival photos and images of creations from specific locations where notable individuals with their roots in Ukraine contributed to world culture in meaningful ways. 

“In the late-19th — early-20th centuries, Ukrainian artists were integrated into the world culture. They studied at Art Academies of Krakow, Paris, Munich, participated in exhibitions at Société des Artistes Indépendants in Paris, the Venice Biennale, as well as other international venues. They established schools, like that of Oleksandr Arkhypenko, and new art lines, like Sonia Delaunay’s work with her husband, the French painter Robert Delaunay. During the Soviet period, both contact with foreign colleagues and foreign travel were strictly limited, but with the advent of Ukrainian Independence in 1991 that all changed. Our artists have once again found their place in the global artistic context and it’s exciting to follow along and note the impact they’re having.” – Olya Balashova, Head of NGO ”Museum of Contemporary Art”.

The website was launched originally with 11 articles about Ukrainian artists—a number that will grow  significantly. The Project Team is looking to further enhance the website with biographies and information on the Ukrainian cultural and creative heritage along the following lines:  visual arts, cinema, theater, music, literature, science, entrepreneurship, sports, and fashion.

The UA View project invites anyone interested in Ukrainian culture and its global impact to share information about the places Ukrainian artists have visited and about their activities and creations around the world. All information can be submitted through a designated form on our website or via our project social media pages. All submissions will be verified by our professional team, processed, and if it meets our requirements, added to the interactive map. The project hopes to bring together  Ukrainians who want to tell the world about their country and its talented representatives.

The UA View project is a joint project being carried out by the  NGO “Museum of Contemporary Art” and the Ukrainian Institute as part of the Ukraine Everywhere program. The program’s stated goal is to introduce to a global audience Ukrainian phenomena, names and constructs that have left their mark on world culture, though they might not always be recognized or credited as Ukrainian.

UA View’s list of priority countries for the project launch include Austria, the Czech Republic, Germany, France, Hungary, Italy, Lithuania, the Netherlands, Poland, the UK, and the USA.

UA View will be a valuable resource for those from other countries who  plan to visit Ukraine: those with a professional connection to the country;  for university students concentrating on Slavic cultures; for researchers engaged in ethnic studies and the humanities; both Ukrainian and foreign diplomatic officials;  researchers and others interested in the arts; domestic and foreign tourism agencies; the Ukrainian expatriate community, and more.

UA View content is designed to help Ukrainians traveling abroad to serve as unofficial ambassadors of their country and its culture.


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