Korean painter Kwang-ho Lee  depicts larger-than-life cacti in oil paintings that stand up to 8-feet tall.
His cacti are just one of the ways. In general, the Korean is not only engaged in visual arts. In his portfolio there is a large number of designer furniture and accessories. Nevertheless, it was thanks to his paintings that the artist became famous all over the world.

He is considered one of the most outstanding contemporary artists. His work can easily be taken for photographs. But only on closer examination do you understand that such cacti hardly exist in nature in such forms.

Written on canvas oil cacti with intricate stems, sharp spines, multicolored shoots strike the imagination with carefully elaborated details, evoke a tactile sensation that from touching the image you can prick.

The artist skillfully experiments with various methods of applying paint – countless accurate wide and hairy strokes, brush strokes, a scratching knife.

In the “cactus” series, the master tries not only to realistically transfer the object to the canvas, but also to explore the fundamental questions of art – the act of painting itself. Colorful paintings are large enough – they can reach up to 2.5 m in height. Lee studied painting at Seoul National University and is represented by Johyun Gallery.