10 neurotic facts about Woody Allen

Woody Allen

Did you know that Woody Allen has used the same font for titles for over forty years in all of his films? And that’s not the fun part!

  1. Since the movie Annie Hall, that is, since 1977, Woody almost always uses the same white letters on a black background. The font itself is called Windsor. Jazz is usually playing off-screen at this moment.
  2. Woody Allen flatly refuses to watch his own films after the work on them is finished.
  3. In the opening credits, Woody Allen prefers to list the performers in alphabetical order.
  4. Since 1977, at least one Allen film has appeared every year, with the only exception being 1981. The vast majority of his paintings take place in New York. And among the characters, there are regularly writers or screenwriters, whom Allen usually plays himself, while he wears glasses of the same style, in the style of the sixties.
  5. Between the films Sleeping (1973) and Cassandra’s Dream (2007), Woody did not commission composers to compose the soundtrack, but selected music from his extensive home collection. However, from 1980 to 2004 (from Star Memories to Melinda), he constantly used the services of jazz performer Dick Hyman.
  6. In the films of the director, references to his classic and favorite films appear every now and then. The references and images of the Swedish genius of cinema Ingmar Bergman are especially frequent.
  7. Due to some creative principles or whims, Woody Allen creates soundtracks for films in monophonic mode.
  8. Woody Allen avoided appearing at the Oscars but changed his principle in 2002 for a very good reason. He appeared on stage in front of film academics in order to urge producers not to interrupt filming in New York after the events of 9/11. In the same year, he was first seen at the Cannes Film Festival. Incidentally, he has a record number of Oscar nominations in the Best Screenplay category.
  9. Woody Allen’s great-grandfather and great-grandmother came from Russia. Their names were Isaac Koenigsberg and Jenny Coplin.
  10. Especially interesting is the list of phobias that Woody suffers from. Among them are arachnophobia (fear of spiders), insectophobia (fear of insects), heliophobia (fear of the sun), xenophobia (fear of dogs), acrophobia (fear of heights), chemophobia (fear of crowds), carcinophobia (fear of cancer), thanatophobia (the pathological fear of death), misophobia (fear of microbes). Not only that, but Woody Allen is also frightened by hotel washrooms.


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