The multidisciplinary artist’s first foray into digital art, Okuda’s NFT drop includes five original pieces, is entirely carbon-neutral, and a portion of sales will be donated to the Coloring the World Foundation.

MADRID, SPAIN, July 26, 2021 – Internationally renowned street artist, Okuda San Miguel, is dropping his first-ever NFT collection on Nifty Gateway on August 2, 2021.

Known for his vibrant, large scale artworks, which include murals, sculptures, and immersive installations, the Madrid based artist is now making his first foray into digital art, with a collection of five carbon-neutral NFTs. 

Explains Okuda, “As an artist I embrace all media through which I can develop my work, whether that’s murals and paintings, three-dimensional sculptures, or installations and immersive exhibitions. I’ve never limited myself to a single discipline, because I believe that the more mediums I work in, the more people I can reach. NFTs, to me, are yet another way I can invite viewers into my universe, and connect with an audience I may not be able to otherwise.”

Okuda’s NFT drop includes five original animations, divided into two series: Kaleidoscopic and Symbols.

Says Okuda, “Kaleidoscopes have always interested me because they create new connections between existing elements. For the three NFTs that make-up the Kaleidoscopic series, I used parts of previous works of mine, putting them into an entirely new context, and imbuing them with new meaning and purpose. The two pieces that make up the Symbol Series, on the other hand, are a discourse on crypto art. I believe that NFTs are a viable medium that is here to stay, and I’ve communicated that sentiment through two symbols: the skull, which represents the past, and the Kaos star, which represents the future. Together, they are my statement on the digital art revolution.”

100% of the carbon emissions from Okuda’s NFT drop will be offset by Offsetra and a portion of sales will be donated to the Coloring the World Foundation, an organization that uses art to create a more diverse and inclusive society.

Okuda’s NFT first-ever drop will be live on Nifty Gateway on August 2, 2021.

Kaleidoscopic Journey – Edition of 1; 24 hour auction
Gift: Meet and greet and party with Okuda in Miami Art Basil, and Okuda original sketch
Kaleidoscopic Skulls – Edition of 5; 30 min ranked auction
Gift: Art print (signed and numbered by artist)
Kaleidoscopic Animals – Edition of 5; 30 min ranked auction
Gift: Art print (signed and numbered by artist)
Universe Walk – Edition of 11; 30 min ranked auction
Gift: Art book (signed and numbered by artist)
Skull House – Edition of 55; Drawing $1.11 
Gift: None

About Okuda: Okuda San Miguel is a Spanish artist whose colorful pop-surrealist work has graced the walls of galleries and buildings across the globe.

His work aims to break down boundaries between different people and cultures, and make his audience feel something new with each piece. Throughout his travels, Okuda San Miguel aspires to leave a positive impact on the people and places he visits through his art. 

The unique use of color, geometric structures and surreal compositions found in his murals, canvas, sculptures or installations define a style informed by both the academic and the street worlds.


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