Museum Virtual Tours: 10 Best online visits


If we can’t catch a flight to another country or plan an entire trip or vacation, these museums with virtual tours make it easy to appreciate the art and learn something new from the artifacts located on opposite ends of the earth.

A museum virtual tour is the best way to avoid the annoying hassles of traveling such as large crowds, heavy traffic, and long lines. In this article, you will find information on the best ways to access the very best virtual museum tours.

The Louvre – Paris, France

Explore this famous museum on one of the nine main official virtual tours. From Greek and Roman sculptures to crown jewels, you’re sure to find a piece that interests you in the museum. Everybody knows that the Louvre is the home to the Mona Lisa. But it has much more to offer. Take an online museum tour of the Louvre and admire one of the most extensive collections of Egyptian antiquities in the world.

The American Museum of Natural History -Washington D.C, USA

If you are a nature world lover, then this is definitely one virtual tour you don’t want to miss! This museum offers a range of virtual experiences including hall tours, online exhibitions, and interactive virtual tours.

British Museum, London – UK

The British Museum has many galleries to explore. This museum is also home to the Rosetta Stone. One of the best ways to visit its exhibitions and the Great Court on your own is to take a virtual museum tour on Google Street View or view its art virtually through Google Arts and Culture.

With a virtual tour of the museum, you have the opportunity to view the fascinating 8 million historical items and artifacts from around the world.

The Metropolitan Museum of Art – New York, USA

The Metropolitan is the largest art museum in the United States. And, it is certainly one of the most iconic historical sites. This will be one of the best virtual museum tours as it features classic antiquities, including some of the world’s most famous European sculptures. It also has permanent collections of African, Byzantine, Islamic, Asian and Oceanic art.

The National Museum of Anthropology – Mexico City, Mexico

Take the virtual museum tour and enjoy the largest collection of Mexican art and pre-Hispanic archaeological artifacts. There are also several ethnographic exhibits here, including several that introduce you to contemporary indigenous groups in Mexico. The best way to explore this museum is by partnering with Google Arts and Culture.

The J. Paul Getty Museum  – Los Angeles, USA

By taking this virtual museum tour on the official website, you can explore its many art collections. Viewers can also use Google Arts and Culture. Another option is to see the exterior and interior of the museum’s sculpture plaza and garden terrace on a fully immersive virtual tour through Xplorit.

Rijksmuseum – Amsterdam, The Netherlands

The museum houses the national art collection of the Netherlands, as well as major collections of Western European art and sculpture and Asian art. This magnificent museum is known for capturing the historical moments of the Dutch Golden Age.

You can explore the museum with the #Rijksmuseumfromhome YouTube series or see many of the museum’s most iconic exhibits up close on an exciting virtual museum tour.

The Uffizi Gallery Virtual Tour- Florence, Italy

This magnificent gallery is located in the heart of Florence. It has the world’s finest collection of Italian Renaissance paintings. With a virtual tour of the museum, you can see timeless treasures from Italian history, and learn about the Medici reign as you explore the duke’s old offices. Don’t miss the new halls and galleries showcasing French, Spanish and Flemish works.

The Pergamon Museum Virtual Tour  – Berlin, Germany

There is a lot to explore in this museum as it is actually divided into three different museums. Why not take a virtual tour through the museum with Google Maps? We’re sure you’ll enjoy browsing through its many sculptures and restorations on Google Arts and Culture. This museum contains some of the most fascinating exhibits of Islamic art and ancient Middle Eastern art.

National Museum of Modern and Contemporary Art – Seoul, Korea

This museum is dedicated to fine arts such as design and architecture, while Deoksung showcases contemporary Korean and international art. It houses the world’s contemporary art, and Cheongju promotes the important goal of art preservation. Take a virtual tour of this museum. There is definitely something to offer here, and now you can experience it all from the comfort of your couch!


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