Art is a form of artistic reflection on reality. It reflects, like a mirror, the world around it. Changes in society, hopes for the future, technological breakthroughs – all this changes the face of modernity and with it our understanding of life. People of art, being endowed with sensitive nature, subtly notice all these changes and imprint their experience in art objects. The approach of the round date could not but inspire them to look for new facets of beauty and to reflect on the rhythms of modern life. In this respect, the year 2020 will be very exciting for connoisseurs of beauty. Already now, it can be understood by the trends observed.

The main trends of painting in 2020

Next year the painters will continue their dialogue with timeless classics. Stylistic techniques of famous artists of the twentieth century will be actively used in many workshops. But this does not mean that we will return to old motifs and means of expression: the works will have their own artistic self-sufficiency. At the same time, some artists will be boldly experimenting with new techniques, looking for current coloristic solutions, and developing their own styles. The walls of art lovers’ houses will be decorated with expressive paintings created in the spirit of minimalist aesthetics.

Key areas

One of the most trendy areas will be Line Art. The success of Picasso and Matisse will inspire minimalist artists to use strokes on a white background. The emptiness of space on the canvas enhances the visual perception of the painted figures. This style usually depicts intertwined figures and linear portraits. The paintings fit perfectly into minimalist interiors with an underlined desire for simplicity and clarity of meanings.

Three Key Trends Guiding the Art Market in 2020

A little unexpected for connoisseurs of beauty will be a return of passion for the beautiful female body. No, it won’t be a complete reversal to the Renaissance or Baroque era. Artists use different techniques and stylistic solutions for the sole purpose – to tell the story of a woman. The paintings will capture the elusive moments of contemplation, sadness, joy, and admiration. In this case, the aesthetics of the female body will not obey the canons of mass culture. Among the paintings will often be works made in a minimalist style.

Not only paintings depicting the female body will remind us of the classics. Paintings with reference to past achievements of artistic culture will be worth the attention of viewers. On the walls of galleries will appear paintings with allusions to the works of famous artists of the past. The application of new stylistic solutions will breathe new life into well-known subjects and adapt them to modern interiors.

Three Key Trends Guiding the Art Market in 2020 Three Key Trends Guiding the Art Market in 2020

The new breath will also find the genre of the portrait. Bright, expressive faces will be in next year’s trend. As for the technical features of performance, the author’s styles will prevail. Artists will try to embody on canvas not so many copies of real faces as a unique way of life and thinking. Portraits without clear outlines of faces will also be popular. Such paintings will allow viewers to become participants of the creative act and to independently draw in the consciousness of the undisclosed details.

Three Key Trends Guiding the Art Market in 2020 Three Key Trends Guiding the Art Market in 2020

In 2020, the fashion for abstract painting will remain intact. The multi-component objects, consisting of many parallel and intersecting lines, will fit perfectly into the modern interior. The lack of concrete outlines more than compensates for the hint of the object’s borders. Beyond form, artists will actively use color contrasts to free the viewer’s sensitivity from patterns of perception. Such paintings will look good not only on gallery walls but also in the home interior. It is only important to adequately assess the compatibility of the canvas with its surroundings.

Three Key Trends Guiding the Art Market in 2020

Eclectic collages and creative photography deserve special attention. The main emphasis here is on provocation. Combination of incompatible, surrealistic ensembles of objects from different worlds, pictures full of philosophical reflections – all this becomes an excellent basis for fascinating stories. Such works correspond to the spirit of our epoch and the infinite desire of man for a new reading of familiar stories.

Three Key Trends Guiding the Art Market in 2020 Three Key Trends Guiding the Art Market in 2020

The plant theme of Botanicals began to “grow” a few years ago, but its stylistic and semantic content will not lose relevance in 2020. The serene images of thickets, flowers, and complex interlacing of branches set in a positive way. After Greta Turnberg’s performances, the environmental theme has received a new impetus, so Botanicals has every chance to become the most trendy direction.

Three Key Trends Guiding the Art Market in 2020

Let’s not forget also the shocking Engaged art. The master focuses on political ideas, philosophical meanings, and images of emancipated women. This painting provokes, excites, ironizes, but always appeals to the heart of the viewer. Engaged art is an excellent choice for eclecticism and other modern styles.

Trend colors in paintings in the new year 2020

In Engaged art and portrait painting, the choice of colors will be limited by stylistic expediency and imagination of the author. But in other directions is traced a very sustainable environmental trend. Soft, natural colors will again become fashionable not only in Botanicals, but also in the abstract, and in other directions of painting. The palette of the most popular colors includes 5 neutral shades:

1. French vanilla. Paintings with a predominant cream-yellow color create the effect of sunlight. In painting, shade is used in abstractions, landscapes, and collages. The trendy color becomes due to the positive impact on the emotional state of the person. In addition, it shows “flexibility” in different color schemes and does not provoke strong emotions.
2. Peppermint. Muffled green is always associated with environmental themes. It is most commonly found in Botanicals canvases and landscapes. In addition to its obvious reference to environmental protection, mint has strong therapeutic properties. The long contemplation of the paintings with the abundance of this color is peaceful.
3. A hazelnut. Light brown tones visually increase space and give flat objects depth. The hazelnut is combined with various shades, but most often it will be possible to meet it on paintings of the moderate color scale.
4. Grey-green. The trendy color in 2019 does not lose its relevance. In landscape painting, it is used to depict coniferous trees in the morning mist and other vegetation. Gray-green soothes, relieves stress, creates a sense of tranquility.
5. Warm grey. It’s a neutral color. It is used for harmonization of coloristic schemes on canvases of different stylistic orientation.

Paints and art materials

Here we can talk more about the growing popularity of individual materials, rather than about a complete change of trends. For example, in connection with the emergence of fashion for collages, there is a growing demand for art objects made of natural materials. Designer textured paper is becoming the basis for works of art on environmental subjects. Along with oil, acrylic, and watercolor paints, natural pigments will be popular. Pastels will be actively used in combination with other artistic materials.

Three Key Trends Guiding the Art Market in 2020

Major trends in sculpture 2020

It has been several decades since the sculpture came out of the shadows of architecture. In 2020, the same trend towards the conceptualization of art will continue. Among the most current trends in sculpture are the persistence of a high semantic load, the reduction of materials, and experiments with moving elements.

Sculpture as a concept

The popularity of conceptual art continues to grow. The main reason for its demand is the saturation of our information space with empty content. The feeling of dissatisfaction makes the viewer look for solace in the objects of art expressing important meanings of the epoch. Recently, this means of cross-cultural communication has been increasingly used by masters working with the theme of environmental protection. Sculptures of animals, trees, and abstract objects that remind us of the problem of global warming will be in trend for the next few years.

Decrease in materiality

Another steady trend is the dematerialization of sculptures. Creating volumetric objects with the help of planes gives the master the opportunity to remind about the loss of feeling of the materiality of space in the era of virtual technology. Art objects of this type of surprise, excite the consciousness, and immerse in the element of reflection. Sculptures are perfectly combined with all modern interiors and sometimes become a visual demonstration of fundamental changes in the collective consciousness.

Kinetic sculpture

In 2020, kinetic sculptures will also be popular. Movable elements offer additional opportunities to increase the quality and quantity of spatial characteristics of the art object. In addition, kinetic sculpture manages to overcome the static, typical for statues. Dynamics more accurately expresses the complex relationship between the elements of the object. As before, the main part of kinetic art objects will be intended for outdoor installation.

Sculpture techniques and materials

Just like a traditional stone in the trend, there are different types of metal and composite materials. Almost all kinetic sculptures will be made of bronze, stainless steel, copper, and brass. For outdoor art objects, there will also be a demand for Koroten steel with its characteristic ochre shade. Its natural velvety texture increases the color variety of surfaces and awakens the interest of the viewer. Various polymers for sculptures in homesteads and gardens will also be in fashion.

Three Key Trends Guiding the Art Market in 2020

These will be the trends of painting and sculpture in 2020. Of course, other trends, although they will develop less intensively, still will delight their fans with new masterpieces.


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