How to Write a Photography Blog: The Ultimate Guide


Whether you’re a photographer or simply doing it for fun, starting a blog for your photography can be a very good and rewarding idea. You might be thinking “what does photography have to do with blogging?” the simple answer would be: exposure! In the end, you want to showcase your work, and you want the people interested in your services to be able to find you easily. Keep reading to find out how to write in your photography blog and how to get the most out of it.

Benefits of a Photography Blog?

Of course, your whole blog shouldn’t be you talking about your offers and your rates, but you can always share a piece every now and then on your packages, or if you have any holiday promotions, and for promotions you can use social media, guest blogs, and yes some best free press release sites too. A lot of the people who found your blog are really looking for a photographer to hire and would like a post to find your rates.

Nowadays, almost everyone and every business has their own blog. There’s a really good reason for that and that’s to create a space to express themselves and showcase their values and what motivates them, and often just to share the things they love the most.

As a photographer your clients want a way to get to know you and your work before trusting you with their personal moments and projects. You need a platform to show them what you have to offer. A blog provides that for you better than a portfolio because you can add more content and narrative to your work and keep it updated on a regular basis. A portfolio gets you a job, a blog will get you fans.

Blogs and SEO

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) allows google to identify the type of content you have and allows people searching for that content to be able to find you. Do you notice how whenever you search for anything there is always at least one blog in the first page or results? That’s because search engines love rich content and there’s no richer and updated content than in blogs.

In the end, photography is the service you provide, but by blogging about your photography you will have a brand. If you simply have no time to do it yourself you can still create your blog and have a professional custom writing company create your content for you. We asked a professional group of freelance essay writers from Smart Writing Service to provide us an ultimate guide for writing a photography blog.

5 Tips for Writing in Your Blog

1.     Find your niche

Think of the top photographers in the world, you’ll find that most of them have a certain thing that is their specialty. Focus makes it easier for you to find your audience. Think of your best photographs, where are they taken? What were you thinking when you took them? What do they have in common? Find what makes your work unique and capitalize on it. Even if you take all sorts of pictures, you can still focus your blog on one or two types.

2.     Commit!

If you decide to start your blog you must be consistent. You must always keep your blog updated with your latest work, and if you’re having a dry spell you can still post old photos with refreshing new descriptions or captions. What’s important is that you set a time of day or week to work on your blog. Imagine if JK Rowling decided to stop writing right before the last book, that would frustrate all her fans! Blogs are the same, once people are hooked on it they will want more and more.

3.     Convert your readers to clients

The goal of your blog, in the end, is to get more clients. So, it’s important to make it easy for people who like your work to get in touch with you. You can do that by always making sure your content has a call to action, and make sure that this action is to get in touch with you for details on what you can offer them.

4.     Get in on the trends

Even if the current trends seem cheesy to you, they are a trend for a reason, and that reason is that people actually find them appealing. Nowadays, there is a trend every day, so keep an open eye and you probably will find something that may inspire you. Stay in touch with social media and keep your posts relevant to the latest happenings.

5.     Hire a professional

Just like people hire a photographer to take pictures for them, you can also consider hiring a professional writing service ( to update your blog for you. It’s well worth the money to invest in a blog that will possibly generate endless clients for you and your brand.

What to Write About as a Photographer?

As a photographer there are many things you can blog about. You have an edge over conventional bloggers in that you actually produce your own images. What’s left is the writing part, here are some topics you can write about:

1.     Latest projects

There’s more to it than simply captioning pictures. You can talk extensively about your work. For example, you can describe the location or the conditions you worked in. You can even talk about the day or what was going through your mind right before capturing the picture.

2.     Your favorite shots

Not all your content has to be new. You can still post pictures you’ve taken a long ago and describe why you have an attachment to that specific photo.

3.     Interesting things that happened

Your readers want to live through the stories you tell (and show) them. Whenever something interesting or funny happens on the job let your audience know. If you’ve had a recent adventure, maybe share some photos and tell them all about it.

4.     How you started

Inspire others to follow in your footsteps while also letting you readers get to know the real you by sharing how you fell in love with photography. Is there anyone in particular who inspires your work? Readers love a good origin story and they definitely want to know yours!

5.     Advertise

Of course, your whole blog shouldn’t be you talking about your offers and your rates, but you can always share a piece every now and then on your packages, or if you have any holiday promotions. A lot of the people who found your blog are really looking for a photographer to hire and would like a post to find your rates.


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