Kate Bones is a GIF Artist and Photographer based in London, UK. Best known for her 3D GIF portraits of musicians, performers, and the many colourful characters of London’s East End, Kate continues to push the boundaries of ‘GIF art’ by utilising established animation techniques and giving them her unique twist of colour and fun. Kate has accumulated an impressive roster of clients and has worked with an array of brands including Missguided, Baileys, Glastonbury’s Block 9, The Grammy’s and most recently Nike.

Kate Bones shoots her subjects on a hacked 1980s 3D film camera and brings them alive as animated gifs. These portraits taken earlier this year at Glastonbury’s NYC Downlow, the festival’s gay nightclub, give a close-up view of performers usually only photographed on stage.

“The GIF is an old format going through a renaissance. What’s happening now is unchartered territory but I believe GIFs are the perfect visual medium for social media. The potential of the GIF format as a viable medium for advertising, art, portraiture, documentation, etc is becoming more and more evident. When I first started making GIFs the only other people I knew working in the medium were all based in NYC. They were a real source of inspiration and kept me motivated as it was rather lonely.”– Kate said.