Guarisco Galleries Put Up For Sale A Painting of Henri Martin Le Port de Collioure, Valued At $ 825,000

MARTIN, HENRI - Le Port de Collioure $825,000

Guarisco Galleries put up for sale a picture of the French artist Henri Jean Guillaume Martin Le Port de Collioure, worth $ 825,000. One of the largest 19th century galleries worldwide, Guarisco Gallery currently holds an extensive inventory of exceptional quality original 19th and early 20th century European and American paintings, watercolors and sculpture – now also expanding into contemporary art. At our beautiful 5,000 square foot gallery, Guarisco Gallerylocated next to the Ritz-Carlton Hotel in the west end of Washington D.C., and our second location next to the Four Guarisco GallerySeasons in Georgetown Washington D.C., you can view over 600 paintings from every major school within the 19th and early 20th century, including Romantic, Barbizon, Victorian, Belle Époque, Impressionist, Post-Impressionist, Modern and Contemporary works. Subject matter ranges from sporting pieces, marines, and orientalist works to still life, landscapes and elegant and charming genre works. The selection caters to the seasoned buyer as well as the new collector.

Henri Jean Guillaume Martin is a French neo-impressionist, pointillist, symbolist.

Born in 1860 in Toulouse. His father was a carpenter. The mother was of Italian origin. Marten persuaded his father to allow him to become an artist. He began his studies in 1877 at the School of Fine Arts in Toulouse. In 1879, Martin moved to Paris, where, thanks to his knowledge, he was able to continue his studies in the studio of Jean-Paul Laurence. Four years later he received his first medal at the Paris Salon, where, three years later, in 1886, he held his first exhibition.

He painted several extraordinarily large paintings for Neo-Impressionism and won a great calling when he exhibited them at a solo exhibition at the Mancini Gallery in 1895. He was commissioned to perform several important murals in the Paris City Hall in 1895 and in the new grandiose building of the Capitol of Toulouse (1903-1906). In 1900, at the World Fair, he was awarded a Grand Prix for his work.

Since 1900, he lived in Kersey, and later moved to Labastide du Vere. The Lo region became the center of his inspiration. Henri Martin created a series of paintings, the most complete and complete, inspired by the scenery of the south of France and carried away searching for new light solutions. Although the work of Martin as a neo-Impressionist is not considered fundamental, his works were a success and included in the world classics of painting both neo-impressionism and symbolism. At the same time, moving away from those characteristic Symbolists, in his landscapes he preserved the poetics of the mystery of the atmosphere and space.

The artist used the spiritualization of forms (both traditional images and allegories).

Canal in Venice Bassin Manor de Marquayrol
Etude pour les Champs Elysees
Bateaux de Peche Collioure (aka Fishing Boats at Collioure), 1895