Perhaps you ask why the alchemist?

But it is the alchemy of Romain Langlois who is engaged when he takes a regular log, changes its structure and receives a “bronze tree”!  We are surrounded by a great many things that we no longer pay attention to. Whether it’s snags, stones or other elements that were forgotten at the brink of civilization. But this does not mean that life has stopped in them! And Romain Langlois wants to return these elements to our field of vision. The master works with a variety of materials, whether it’s white bronze, bismuth, silver, crystal, stones, wood.

“Everything that surrounds us is alive! It moves and does not cease to change. But under the hour nature can not show itself on the most attractive side, sometimes it is necessary to help get the beauty that is hidden from our eyes from the depth to the surface. ”

“Avoid pomposity, do not impose anything, simplify the sculpture so much that the look of the beholder will wander through unusual shapes, lines. When a person looks at what seems to be a snag, a tree, a stone and at the same time wonder: What do I look at? »

Sculptures by Romain Langlois are puzzles that make us think about what we, it would seem, knew. They make you look at what surrounds you.