10 NYC Gallery Exhibitions To See This November


The art scene in New York City is constantly thriving. At any given moment there are countless shows to see – from exhaustive retrospectives of the world’s most prominent artists to smaller shows showcasing emerging talents. This November is no different, so if you’re an art lover in New York City this month, here’s a list of gallery exhibitions and openings you might want to check out.

First Street Gallery – This is Where We Live

This November, the First Street Gallery will presents paintings by Edmond Praybe showcasing the beauty of interiors. The works highlight quiet moments from either inside or outside Praybe’s home, suggesting how things you may overlook deserve more attention. Because the artist paints scenes from his own life, many of the works also point out the relationship by what is seen, what is remembered, and what feelings are associated with the memory of the place. Overall the paintings highlight the layered beauty of seemingly mundane, surface level scenes.

First Street Gallery, 526 W 26th Street, New York, NY, USA +1 646 336 8053

November 1st – November 26th

"Lamplight" oil on canvas, 60 x 48 inches, 2016 | © Edmond Praybe courtesy of First Street Gallery

“Lamplight” oil on canvas, 60 x 48 inches, 2016 | © Edmond Praybe courtesy of First Street Gallery

Fergus McCaffrey – Jiro Takamatsu: From Shadow To Compound

Jiro Takamatsu is a highly influential Japanese artist who worked primarily during the 1960s and 70s, and this November Fergus MacCaffrey gallery will present an exhibition of his work. Takamatsu’s work is complex, being simultaneously minimalist, neo-dada, surreal, and anti-art. He was a pioneer in the movement against representational painting in favor of truth through abstract forms, and his ‘Shadow’ paintings highlighted this. This exhibition will showcase this series and his subsequent works that developed thereafter.

Fergus McCaffrey, 514 W 26th Street, New York, NY, USA +1 212 988 2200

November 3rd – January 2nd

Open Source Gallery – Another Space: Permanent Construction

At Open Source Gallery, artists Melodie Mousset, Anna Daniell, and Owen Armour will present work addressing the idea that things are never finished – always under construction. Mousset’s contribution consists of images of the inside of her body; Daniell’s work is a re-invention of a previous sculpture she made; and Armour’s piece is an extra floor made of thin concrete that will deteriorate as more and more visitors walk through the space. The works all use modern concepts and techniques and will make viewers rethink the idea of art as a static, unwavering thing.

Open Source Gallery, 306 17th Street, Brooklyn, NY, USA +1 646 279 3969

November 3rd – December 1st

Petzel Gallery – Troy Brauntuch

Petzel Gallery in Chelsea is having its 6th solo exhibition for Troy Brauntuch this November. Brauntuch is known for his medium choice of chalk on black cloth – giving all of his work a mysterious and reflective quality. Specifically, the exhibition will highlight works such as ‘Untitled (Statue)’– an abstracted painting of a nude woman inspired by a German propaganda image from the 1930s, and a six-panel painting of the bloodied gloves of O.J. Simpson.

Petzel Gallery, 456 W 18th Street, New York, NY, USA +1 212 680 9467

November 3rd – December 23rd

Untitled (Statue) | © Troy Brauntuch and Petzel

Untitled (Statue) | © Troy Brauntuch and Petzel

Winston Wächter Fine Art – Difficult Women

With locations in Seattle, Washington and New York City, the Winston Wächter Fine Art gallery will present works by Canadian artist Tony Scherman this fall. The show will exhibit his large-scale encaustic paintings of women, and Scherman’s use of this ancient technique to make connections between antiquity and the present day. He paints female politicians, athletes, and celebrities with this incredibly slow and precise technique, and says [the paintings] are never truly ‘finished,’ just as these womens’ stories are still being written.

Winston Wachter Fine Art, 530 W 25th Street, New York, NY, USA 

November 3rd – December 23rd

Equity Gallery – Like Smoke

Equity Gallery will present the group exhibition Like Smoke – a show addressing ideas of existence without a physical body. The show’s title comes from a silent film in which smoke represents a human presence, and the artists similarly explore human emotions, thoughts, and actions that can occur without a physical presence. The show will highlight work by 10 different artists using a variety of mediums to explore this complex theme.

'Lovers' (2009) by Carl Ferrero | © Equity Gallery

‘Lovers’ (2009) by Carl Ferrero | © Equity Gallery

For only 4 days, Slag Gallery will present work to support the HALO Foundation – an organization that works to empower at-risk youth through art. For this exhibition, HALO gave many of the children whom they support the opportunity to share their stories, and Slag Gallery invited a group of New York artists to create works inspired by them. Each work is titled with the name of the child it’s inspired by, and while the works will only be displayed for a few days, an auction of the pieces will be held on November 4th. All the proceeds will go to HALO.

Slag Gallery, 56 Bogart Street, Brooklyn, NY, USA +1 212 967 9818

November 1st – November 4th

NABUNYA, 18x25 inches, acrylic, archival laser print, lace and cement on canvas, 2016 | © Naomi Safran-Hon

NABUNYA, 18×25 inches, acrylic, archival laser print, lace and cement on canvas, 2016 | © Naomi Safran-Hon

Lisson Galley – Roots and Branches

In his first solo exhibition at Lisson Gallery, the famed artist Ai Weiwei will show his work in the exhibition Roots and Branches. Ai Weiwei was borin in Beijing, China and currently works between his hometown and Berlin, Germany. This show will feature a series of iron sculptures of roots in the High Line – showcasing the idea of displaced objects. Much of work has been inspired by nature, and he plays with concepts of natural vs. artificial, illustrating themes of modernization and industrialization in our current world.

Lisson Gallery, 504 W 24th Street, New York, NY, USA +1 212 505 6431

November 5th – December 23rd

Robin Rice Gallery – Fashion, Animal, Sound

Fashion, Animal, Sound is a photographic exhibition of Steve Miller’s at Robin Rice Gallery. The artist uses x-rays to create his photographs, showing an inner world that’s usually unseen. The exhibition features x-ray images of animals, but also touches on themes of consumerism with images of stilettos. There will also be images of plants and flowers, x-rays mounted on 3D surfaces, and pieces that include sound.

Robin Rice Gallery, 325 W 11th Street, New York, NY, USA +1 212 366 6660

November 9th – December 18th

Roots 2016 | © Steve Miller courtesy of Robin Rice Gallery

Roots 2016 | © Steve Miller courtesy of Robin Rice Gallery

Bric Biennial: Volume II, Bed-Stuy/Crown Heights Edition

BRIC is a leading organizer of free cultural events in Brooklyn that aims to highlight the borough as a hub for artistic development; its eponymous BRIC Biennial is the largest event they’ve ever put on. Hundreds of Bed-Stuy and Crown Heights-based artists submitted works for the exhibition, and the 40 selected will be on view at various locations – primarily the BRIC House. The primary theme is ‘Affecting Bodies’ – and works will address the importance of physical, bodily experiences.

Bric Biennial, 647 Fulton Street, Brooklyn, NY, USA

November 10th – January 15th

Piece by Nkiruka Oparah | © BRIC Biennial

Piece by Nkiruka Oparah | © BRIC Biennial