Tim Tadder is an internationally acclaimed photographic artist. In 2015 Epson, the world leader in photographic printing technology recognized Tadder as one of the top influential photographers, producing a TV commercial and worldwide ad campaign featuring Tadder and his work. Most recognized for his highly inventive conceptual advertising photography Tadder has been ranked in the top 200 photographers worldwide by the prestigious Luezer Archive Magazine 8 years running.

In 2012 Tadder created a viral collection of images that was ranked by Time magazine as one of the top internet sensations of that year. The collection made news worldwide and became the top trending feature on Reddit for two days.

Tadder is an extremely driven and creative photographer, whose work is bold, often colorful, polished, and dramatic. In this era where faux-tographers are a dime a dozen and there’s nothing stopping them from putting out their own tutorials full of bad advice, Tim Tadder is, at the risk of sounding trite, the real deal. In this tutorial, he opens up and shares his process, from planning, to processing and then some.

Tadder’s work hangs on the walls of world leaders in politics, business, art and sport, having been commissioned to make personal portraits for notables like President George W. Bush, Bill Gates, and Manny Pacquiao. In 2010 he was commissioned by the Bill and Melinda Gates foundation to make a collection portraits then used in an art installation at the home of Bono. Other subjects of note include the NFL’s best, Tom Brady, rap icon Ice Cube, the world’s best swimmer Michael Phelps, and countless other influencers.

Tadder lives in the sleepy beach town of Leucadia with his wife, two children and a dog named Bailey.


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