Most of the exhibition centers are located on the outskirts of the city, which is due to lower maintenance costs, the possibility of building a spacious parking lot, and the creation of a convenient transport interchange. According to the research of the Global Association of the Exhibition Industry UFI, 5 foreign exhibition venues were recognized as the most famous in the world. Let us take a closer look at the most famous exhibition venues in the world.

Deutsche Messe, Hannover, Germany

10 Modern Exhibition Centers

The Deutsche Messe Exhibition Centre in Hannover is one of the leading exhibition centers in Europe along with Messe Frankfurt and Fiera Milano. The total area of the center is about 1 million square meters, including 27 exhibition centers 495,265 square meters, and an outdoor area of 57,880 square meters. This object is listed in the Guinness Book of Records as the largest exhibition center in the world.

The architecture of each hall is distinguished by its originality, which has been repeatedly awarded international awards. The halls are connected to each other by glass passages. Due to the fact that the Deutsche Messe complex is divided into separate sections, it is possible to hold several events simultaneously. Almost every hall has a restaurant.

The exhibition center is also renowned for its traditional exhibitions such as the HANNOVER MESSE Industrial Technology Exhibition, an exhibition of information technology and telecommunications. Within the exhibition center, there are recreation and park areas. There is also a conference center with 35 rooms for negotiations and events.

10 Modern Exhibition Centers

In addition, exhibitions and conferences are held in the NORD/LB Forum building, located next to Hall 17. Deutsche Messe provides a wide range of services to event organizers and exhibitors, such as rental and construction of exhibition stands, insurance, personnel leasing, stand cleaning and waste disposal, professional photographers, designers and interpreters, cargo transportation, courier and food services, communication facilities, computer equipment, audio, and video equipment.

Visitors can easily find the goods, stand, or exhibitor they are looking for thanks to the exhibition center-based search service. The exhibition center is equipped with a WLAN wireless Internet access system. The Deutsche Messe Exhibition Centre is well located and can be reached by car, train (from the Hannover Messe/Laatzen station), subway or tram, as tramlines connecting Hannover Airport, Central Station and the Exhibition Centre have recently been built.

Fiera Milano, Milano, Italy

10 Modern Exhibition Centers

The exhibition center of Milan “Fiera Milano” amazes with its size and capabilities: 24 pavilions with a total area of 345 thousand square meters, outdoor exhibition areas of 60 thousand square meters, the latest technology, convenient transport interchanges, and the best service.

Fiera Milano ranks first among the world’s exhibition centers by such parameters as exhibition space, functionality, and quality of premises. The exhibition center has everything that an exhibitor or visitor may need: a bank, a first aid station, a police station, 6 parking lots for 14,000 cars, DHL express delivery service.

The complex offers the possibility of holding conferences and meetings in one of 64 meeting rooms, evenly located in the center: 30 of them – in six pavilions, 26 – in two two-storey pavilions, and 8 – along the central alley that connects the eastern and western entrances to the center.

In addition, there is the Stella Polare Congress Centre, which has 9 modular conference halls with a capacity of 81 to 728 people and the main hall with 739 seats. The Exhibition Centre is ready to provide event organizers, exhibitors and visitors with a wide range of services, from a selection of the optimal exhibition venue to technical support in accordance with ISO standards, from stand equipment to catering, from advertising companies to cargo transportation, from hotel accommodation to staged organization of events.

10 Modern Exhibition Centers

Designers, interpreters, photographers, hostesses offer their services. As for technical equipment, exhibitors can use personal computers, video walls, various projectors, DVD players, satellite dishes, as well as systems for video conferencing. An exclusive offer for exhibitors is the provision of a visitor monitoring system, thanks to which each exhibitor receives a complete database of visitors interested in its products. Currently, an online service of the exhibition center is working, which allows reducing the time spent on participation in the exhibition: you can make an application, get acquainted with the electronic catalog of the exhibition and an extensive database of companies and products, order an individual tour of the exhibition – and this is just a small part of a long list of electronic services. A

Paris Nord Villepinte, Paris, France

10 Modern Exhibition Centers

Paris-Nord Villepinte Exhibition Centre is a modern complex equipped with the latest technology. The center has everything you need to hold exhibitions in various directions. Since its inception, Paris-Nord Villepinte has established itself as an excellent place to organize international, regional, and professional events.

10 Modern Exhibition Centers

This exhibition center plays an important role in the life of the French capital. The economic success of exhibitions held in this complex has a good impact on the financial situation of the entire region. Besides, Paris-Nord Villepinte is a few kilometers from Charles de Gaulle airport. Paris-Nord Villepinte’s location at the heart of Paris business life makes it one of the most advanced exhibitions and convention centers. In total, the exhibition center covers an area of 115 hectares. Inside the complex there are 7 halls, exhibition areas occupy 19,100 square meters. Paris-Nord Villepinte has 15,000 parking spaces.

McCormick Place, Chicago, USA

10 Modern Exhibition Centers

The McCormick Place Congress Center (Chicago) is one of the largest congress centers in the United States. Annually the center is visited by about 3 million people, which allows them to call it a powerful engine of economic development.

“McCormick Place” consists of four buildings: the North, South and West Corps, and the Lakeside Center. The area of the center’s exhibition halls is 250 thousand square meters. In addition, event organizers have at their disposal 175 halls and rooms for meetings and conferences with the area of 65 thousand square meters, as well as three banquet halls, a conference hall for 18 thousand seats, one concert hall for 4 250 seats and three concert halls for 300 seats each. The height of the ceilings in the center’s premises reaches 17.4 m.

The exhibition area of the Northern Building is more than 65 thousand square meters. Each exhibition hall can be used separately or in conjunction with other halls and premises. The Northern Building has 29 conference halls as well as service areas and technical support points. The Western Building was created under the slogan “Flexibility and convenience”. The flexibility of exhibition space is manifested, for example, in the variety of sizes of halls, as well as in their multifunctionality. As for convenience, meeting rooms are located in close proximity to the exhibition halls, and due to the optimal location of entrances and exits, you can get into any hall in the shortest possible time.

10 Modern Exhibition Centers

The exhibition area of the Western Building is 42,780 sq. m. and the area of 61 meeting rooms is 23,250 sq. m. In the South Building, there is a large exhibition hall A with an area of 78 120 square meters, as well as rooms for meetings with an area of 15 810 square meters. If we combine Hall A with Hall B in the Northern Building, we will have a hall with an area of 111,600 square meters for holding large-scale events.

The Eastern Building is ideal for medium-sized exhibitions and meetings. The Lakeside Center includes a banquet hall of 4,000 square meters, which can be divided into two halls of 2,000 square meters each, exhibition hall D of 27,900 square meters, and the recently renovated concert hall “Arie Crown Theater”.

A waterfall flows from the third floor to the ground. All buildings are connected by a thick network of footpaths and curtain bridges. There are shops, cafes, bars, and restaurants in the center.

The Hyatt Regency McCormick Place has 800 rooms, a banquet hall, and a conference center. The services of the McCormick Place Congress Center provide quality and comprehensive service to visitors, exhibitors, and event organizers. Each building has ATMs, business centers (photocopies, shipment, and receipt of goods, sending faxes, rental of office equipment), wardrobes, information desks.

Feria Valencia, Valencia, Spain

10 Modern Exhibition Centers

Feria Valencia or Fira de Monstres is the oldest exhibition center in Spain. It was founded in 1917. Today it is the largest and most important in the country, and in terms of exhibition area – 231,000 m 2 (10 pavilions) – is one of the 10 leading exhibition centers in the world. Over 40 exhibitions are held in the exhibition center every year, half of which have the status of international exhibitions.

10 Modern Exhibition Centers In addition to the exhibition space, Feria Valencia has comfortable conference halls. The total annual number of visitors to Feria Valencia is more than 1 000 000 people, the number of participants is more than 2 000. The Feria Valencia has located 5 km from the center of Valencia and 5 km from the airport. The exhibition complex has excellent connections to the road network of Spain through the urban district highway. It is the only exhibition center in Spain that has received the AENOR ISO 9002 certificate. The organization is part of the Union of International Exhibitions, the Association of Spanish Exhibitions, the Association of Major European Exhibition Parks, and the Association of Exhibitions of the Mediterranean.

Crocus Expo, Moscow, Russia

10 Modern Exhibition Centers

Crocus Expo International Exhibition Centre has been designed and constructed according to the highest international architectural standards using modern building materials. Its main purpose is to hold large international exhibitions of various profiles with the participation of Russian and foreign companies.

Since 2008 Crocus Expo IEC has been a member of the International Association of Congress Centres (AIPC) uniting over 150 largest congress centers of the world. Membership in AIPC is a kind of quality mark testifying that the level of services provided by the exhibition and congress center complies with international standards. At present Crocus Expo is one of the largest and most perspective exhibition grounds in the world. Nineteen exhibition halls (Pavilion 1, Pavilion 2, Pavilion 3), technical equipment of which meets the latest international standards, 49 conference halls (Pavilion 1, Pavilion 2, Pavilion 3), equipped with everything necessary for holding congress events, presentations, seminars, ultramodern congress hall Crocus City Hall for 6200 seats, meeting rooms.

10 Modern Exhibition Centers

The third pavilion of the exhibition center, which total area exceeds 450 000 m2, started its work in August 2007. For the convenience of visitors, there is a covered passage between the Crocus Expo pavilions equipped with a “treadmill”, which allows saving time of viewing the expositions placed on the whole exhibition territory. IEC Crocus Expo has an excellent infrastructure: Sberbank and Crocus Bank branches, service centers, food courts, cafes and restaurants (pavilion 1, pavilion 2, pavilion 3), a taxi ordering point, a cloakroom, a customs post, and a rigging service are located in the pavilions of the exhibition center. Universal multimedia terminals are located at the entrance to each exhibition hall and on food courts, helping Crocus Expo visitors to navigate more easily both in the pavilions of the exhibition center and at each individual exhibition. The newest security systems will provide the organizers and exhibitors with quiet working conditions during exhibitions, as well as during their installation and dismantling.


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